So, this is a poll to see which part of the blog I should work on next.

If the winning answer is too general, then a second poll with follow. So if, for example, “adventure” wins, I’ll poll to see what Realm the Antagonist will be from.


11 replies on “Poll

  1. Definetly an adventure, as Yair said, thats what Ars lack most, and makes it harder for new or casual players to run it.

    Introductory material is just about always needed for any and all games.

    And a nice little location that can be thrown into a game is always a goodie.


  2. There are too many good options. A location (with story seeds, of course) is very useful. And adventure that can be run at conventions are always useful. I guess the difference between the two is scope and that the convention version is with pre generated characters?


  3. I’ve had more than one designer approach me at Gencon and say, “I’d love to play some Ars Magica!” but my lack of a convention scenario has made it tough to put on a game. So a convention scenario with pregen characters would be fantabulous. I’d even help.



  4. Well, I’d like to hear more about Timothy’s experience as a writer and tips about writing for the line and Sub Rosa. I think he’s in a unique experience to do this and it would be very helpful. I think Sub Rosa is the best place for “meaty” articles and this blog would be great place for Timothy’s design notes / fragments / commentary on how he approaches design, which would be a bit out of place in Sub Rosa.

    I’d also like to see him incorporate some of the material from his first attempt at an Ars blog into this one – I enjoyed the concept but I understand it became limited due to time.

    Rather than an adventure (although i think Ars does need an intro adventure specifically designed for a con – ? Sub Rosa), perhaps suggestions on adapting an existing adventure from ToME or Sub Rosa would be a good idea – most people confident in running an Ars game at a con would have access to an adventure of sorts and a web accessible adventure may spoil the surprise for newbies.
    Also anything published on the web is more difficult to use later – fragments and snippets / commentary however are a different story.

    We have Sub Rosa, we have Project Redcap (, we have Sanctum Hermeticum Renewed ( we have the official forums. This blog should complement and synergise with the existing websites and do the things that those sites currently don’t cover. I think the insider commentary is the key here.

    Just my two pawns of vis.




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