Transylvanian Tribunal Timeline

I wrote a timeline for the Tribunal book, but asked for it to be cut, because it was taking up space that could be used for ideas set in 1220. Here it is, for your covenant’s deep history, or play in non-standard time periods.  You’ll notice it contains primarily Hungarian material. If it also contained…

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Sprinting toward Sicily

I work for the only public library service in this country that doesn’t charge you for interlibrary loans*.  This means I can have rather more interlibrary loans than most other people, but it does mean that I get myself into situations like the one I’m currently in. I’m going to be doing a Mythic Sicily…

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One of the other authors, who goes by Jarkman on the web, has started his own blog. It’s still being set up, but if you find what’s going on here interesting, you’ll probably like My Life As a Grog.