A note on moral luck

Hank Green discusses moral luck.  In a podcast in February, which I’m scripting now, I’ll be covering how the existence of actual demons in Ars Magica adds a wrinkle to moral luck. We’ll cover Paul, who didn’t believe in it (for him the desire was a deed) and Oregin, (who took Paul’s injunction to strike…

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Follow this link for the November 2016 pdf.

The free software I use to create these (Canva) only allows a maximum of 30 pages in each document, so I’m sorry I can’t create a 2016 omnibus.  I may be able to create an online album of jpgs of the pages, however.  Research continues.  .

Curdling magic

Very early in the history of Ars Magica, it was established that many of the cursed items which characters might find were produced by a single magician called Himnis the Mad. Later he is used as the founder of cofraternity of Verditus magi, who for some reason use the limited time of their life to…

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