Falling backward through time

Player characters from our world transported to Mythic Europe were outside the line style for Ars Magica 5th edition. I tried to put them into Grogs, as a type of Time-lost Witness, but it was (rightly) pointed out Mythic Europe cannot evolve into our world without massive cosmological changes.That being said: if you don’t care,…

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72 pages of free Ars Magica podcast transcripts, now in one long file. 

I didn’t originally intend to merge them in one document, so my palette discipline is all over the place. Apologies to sensitive layout artists. I was trying different things to develop my skills.  I’ve not reworked the material much, except the December issue, which was all in greyscale, has had little tints put through it so that it doesn’t look odd given that the rest is in colour.

Feedback for next year is encouraged, but please be aware that January’s is already done and February’s is almost done, just not posted yet.