What a gorgeous cover. I’m so immensely pleased by it. I know the early covers were meant to look like woodcuts, then the later ones like icons, but isn’t the modern style just fantastic?

I first had the idea for the island of the magi back in 2007, when my wife and I were on holiday in the UK. We went on a canal cruise and saw the lock mechanism, and I thought “I must use that one day.” I included it in a set of photographs which I labelled as a statement of intent.


I’ve been trying to sneak Antilia into Ars Magica since Living Lore, but I couldn’t sell David on it because the references to the island are Fifteenth Century. This is only a plot hook, so…I finally snuck the Island of Seven Cities into Mythic Europe.



I’d also like to mention there’s a Time Team Special on artefacts dredged up in the Dogger Bank by fishing trawlers which made me aware of how easy it would be to fill the ocean in that part of the world. It’s fascinating material.


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