I wrote two of the chapters in this book, “Fall and Rise” and “Return of the Raiders”.

Fall and Rise

In this section I was just really lucky. I listen to audiobooks a lot, but when I’m actually drafting work I listen to music. While typing the previous book, two of the songs I listened to gave me the basic structure of “Fall and Rise”.

The basic idea came to me when I heard the chorus of Nothing at All by Kasey Chambers. She’s an Australian country artist. It’s quite a simple chorus. It goes:

You win
I lose
You leave with nothing to prove
You rise, I fall
I leave with nothing
Nothing at all

If you’ve read the adventure, you see that this is the basic dynamic between the two main characters until the player characters intervene and things twist back the other way.

The main set of minions came to me as I was listening to American Doll Posse by Tori Amos, which was basically on repeat play for this book. This is the chorus of Bouncing off Clouds.

Make it easy
Make this easy
It’s not as heavy as it seems
Wrapped in metal
Wrapped in ivy
Paint it in mint ice cream

So, the original thought for the faerie minions, later called Entanglements, was that they should be metal wrapped in ivy. The suits of armour filled with detritus that act as guards are the closest final forms to this origin. 

I was also reading The Magnificent Century at the time, and its a perfect book for Ars Magica fans. This is where the material about the imprisoned princess, and much of the Corfe Castle folklore, comes from.

Return of the Raiders

This adventure was inspired by reading the comic book NextWave. Just before I designed it, I read NextWave: I Kick Your Face, I Kick Your Face and thought “We can do this.”  Some people have read it and said “It’s McGyver, isn’t it? and I’ve answered “I’ve only ever seen McGyver in excerpts on MythBusters.” The idea really is just to ignore plot, character development, common sense and decency and tear through morally-neutral opponents with the heaviest weapons you can find.

The village is based on maps of Wharram Percy, but its been sliced in half, then simplified down.

A Note from the files

I did have a third idea for a scenario, but it never went past the scribble stage. The note looks like this:

Precis: Many lineages of cats are magical, and each is ruled by a king. In this story, the king has died and the characters are dispatched, by the familiar of a powerful magus, to find his wayward son.

Dramatis Personae

Tybalt: a prince

Cavity, the cat with red eyes

Locations: The docklands of London.

Expected Sequence of Play


So, it’s not much at all…again, I’d forgotten this entirely, so I’m happy to have found it as part of this blogging project. It might become an article someday.


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