The following spells didn’t make it into Sanctuary of Ice.  Please be aware that many of these spells were created for dark faerie magi.  They are rather ghastly, and may disturb some readers.  The casting levels given below do not account for the Dark Faerie Magic virtue.


The Pale Horse (CrAn(Re)45)

R: Touch D: Sun/Permanent T: Ind.

A scythe +1

Creates a skeletal horse, which obeys the commands of the caster.

Cripple the Alpine Pack (PeAn35)

A variant of Cripple the Howling Wolf, this spell has Sight range and a Group target.

The Feast on the Snowy Plain (PeAn60)

R: Sight D: Inst. T: Group

A knife +1

This spell turns a group of animals into dressed joints of meat. The lower intestinal tract of each animal is destroyed completely. Its pelt is separated from the meat, and is ready for tanning.

The Snow as Red as My Lady’s Lips (PeAn(Co)60)

R: Sight D: Inst. T: Group

A red rose +1

Victims of this spell who fail a Sta roll of 12+ die as the pores of their skin open and their blood pumps from their bodies. Although the victim only loses one Body level each round they do not receive additional Stamina rolls unless assisted magically.

Traitorous Familiar (ReAn35)

R: Near D: Conc. T: Ind.

A hand puppet of the same species as the target +3

Takes complete control of the mind of a target animal. The spell’s name comes from a dramatic casting of it during the Merinita civil war, causing a familiar bear to eat its mistress.

Mistress of the Hunt (ReAn 65)

This spell is similar to Master of the Hunt (WGRE 140) except that the caster can designate another person as the Master of the Hunt. The designate must be touched at the conclusion of the ritual. The designate blows the horn to call the hunt together, and selects the hunt’s quarry, so it is vitally important to select a designate who can be relied upon.


Rope of Hair (CrCo10)

R: Touch D: Sun T: Individual

A rapunzel +1

Creates a seven-ply rope of human hair up to thirty yards long, with a breaking strain of 250 pounds.

Intimidating Reminder (CrCo(ReIn)20)

R: Near D: Sun T: Small

A skull +5

Creates a skull that hovers at the victim’s head height, and follows them. A particularly disturbing touch is that when they look at the skull, it turns sideways, sockets toward nearby moving objects, as if to say “Who me? No, I’m not following you.”. Philomena’s master, Rafe, was an osteomancer and many of her spells have his skeletal motif. This was a particular favourite, and skulls he enchanted as lesser devices seem to crop up regularly in Hermetic circles.

Fabrication of the Fictive Titan (CrCo20)

R: Touch D: Sun. T: Ind.

Any part of a giant +1

Creates a gigantic corpse.

Poppet (CrCo(Re)25)

A variant of The Walking Corpse, this spell creates than commands the body of an infant. The caster can choose the degree of decay, and so the spell can also create tiny skeletal warriors.

The City Where All is As Never Was (CrCo30)

A variant of Beauty of the Princess, with target expanded to Boundary, that makes everyone in the city gorgeous.

The Inner Drum (CrCo 30)

R: Touch D: Sun/Permanent T: Ind

Spell focus varies by organ

Creates and sustains a living organ. Since the Target is Individual, large organs, suitable for giants, can be created for dissection.

Conjuring the Disgusting Lubricant of Rodrigo the Unsavoury (CrCo35)

R: Sight D: Sun. T: Group

Casting magus overweight +1

Creates large masses of human fat, usually clumped in the air over each target. Human fat is not particularly flammable, not is it toxic, but it is slippery and, if the target is aware of its nature, disgusting.

Lifting the Terminal Miasma (CrCo35)

R: Near D: Sun/Instant T: Boundary

Smoke from two fires +3

Used to lift plague from a city, this is a version of Gentle Tough of the Purified Body.

Tangling Net of Excessive Locks (CrCo35)

R: Sight D: Sun T: Group Aimed +1

A rapunzel +1

Creates a net of human hair that falls across an area up to ten paces wide. The net is not weighted at the edges, so the closer a victim to the edge, the less Strength is required to work free. Those in the centre of the net require a Strength roll of 9+ to escape, those at the very edge a roll of 3+. Regardless of the roll’s success, extrication from the net takes a minimum of one round, if at the edge, and up to three rounds, if in the middle.

Vermillion Cascade (CrCo35)

R: Sight D: Diameter T: Structure

Cutting self +3

A fountain of blood pours from the selected structure, pumping about 20 gallons of blood over the three minutes of duration. Even a tiny quantity of blood is sufficient to soak a non-porous surface, so on walls or cliffs this spell causes a cascade. If this spell is cast upon a building its walls bleed, but the volume is insufficient to soak the entire area.

The Most Unlikely of Fruit (CrCo40)

R: Near/Sight D: Sun/Instant T: Structure

Rotten Fruit +1

Festoons a tree or building with human corpses. Those dangling from outcrops or branches are suspended with ropes made from human hair. The caster chooses the degree of decomposition, but cannot otherwise select the appearance of the figures.

Wall of Sightless Eyes (CrCo40)

R: Near D: Sun/Inst. T: Circle

A bag of human teeth, sprinkled in a circle +3

Creates a wall of human skulls, which are fused together. The wall is three paces high, one pace wide and up to ten paces long. The caster selects the shape of the wall, although circular is usual.

One For The Faeries (CrCo(InMe)45)

R: Near D: Sun T: Ind

A violin +5

The spell creates a skeletal violinist, who plays and dances until the spell expires. It is intelligent enough to understand commands, and takes requests.

Reinvigoration of the Civic Populous (CrCo45)

R: Near D: Sun/Instant T: Boundary

A circle of red wine poured about the boundary +3

Used to heal the residents of a city after catastrophe: this is an expanded version of Restoration of the Defiled Body.

Restoration of the Faithful Soldier (CrCo 50)

R: Touch/Near D:Sun/Instant T: Ind.

A palmful of honey +1

Restores the target to full health instantly.

No Matter How Much You Wish It Were So, They Simply Are Not Ants (CrCo(Re)60)

R: Near D: Sun T: Structure (large area)

A bag of bone dust +1

Creates a horde of skeletons, none more than three inches high. Following the commands of the caster, they can be used much like an army of ants. Some common uses are as attackers, to carry surprisingly heavy objects, to chew through organic materials, to act as guards and to swarm out of projectiles. Each skeleton can be crushed with a single blow.

The Mead of Valhalla (CrCo65)

R: Far/Sight D: Sun/Instant T: Group

A horn of mead +1

Restores the targets to full health instantly. If the spell focus is used, the targets must drink from it before the spell is cast.

The Trough of Odysseus (InCo(Me)30)

R: Near D: Sun T: Structure

A pig whose blood, still warm, has been poured into a shallow ditch +3

An enhanced version of Whispers Through the Black Gate, this spell allows the caster to communicate with the dead in an area, like a graveyard. Note that it does not work on those who have been given Christian burial, and for reasons unclear, it does not work during daylight hours.

Watching the Swallows InCo(Vi)50 

InCo(Vi)65 with Boundary target

R: Sight D: Sun T: Ind.

A rattle inscribed with the signs of the zodiac +3

Determines if a pregnant woman is carrying a Gifted child. The Gift is only detectable after the foetus “quickens”, that is, only after the mother is aware of its moving. Swallows, in Jewish folklore, carry souls from the place where they await incarnation to the navels of their mothers. This being part of the operation of the Divine, the truth of this belief cannot be determined using Hermetic magic, and the few swallows of House Bjornaer have refused absolutely to discuss it, which some take as a confirmation of sorts.

Reproportioning the Dwarf (MuCo20)

R: Touch D: Sun/Instant T: Ind.

A rack +5

Used to increase height, this spell creates no new mass, so those affected tend to become spindly of leg and arm.

The Leg of the Infant (MuCo25)

Much like the Arm of the Infant, but it affects the target’s leg instead.

The Translucent Covering of Interesting Organs (MuCo25)

R: Touch D:Sun T: Ind.

A figurine of glass +3

This spell makes the victim’s skin transparent. Other than being visually unappealing it does no harm.

Speckles like the Chameleon (MuCo(In)25)

R: Touch/Near D: Sun/Year T: Ind.

Woad +1

Modifies the user’s skin to blend into the background (-6 to all Awareness rolls). Since it requires the target to be nude it is virtually useless in the Alps, although invisible clothes might make this working worthwhile.

Skin of Martian Metal (MuCo(Te)30)

R: Touch/Near D: Sun/Year T: Ind.

The outermost layers of the target’s skin are transformed into malleable iron. This adds 15 to the target’s soak score, but adds 1 to their encumbrance.

Shaggy Coat of the Winter Wanderer (MuCo35)

R: Touch/Near D: Sun/Year T: Ind.

Thickens and coarsens the bodily hair of the target. This gives them an apelike appearance, and enhances their resistance to cold.

Children’s Crusade (MuCo45)

R: Sight D: Sun/Perm. T: Group

This spell transforms its victims into human infants. It does not affect their minds, but hey lose the ability to move other than by crawling. Magi affected in this way are still capable of casting spells, but suffer the quite voice and subtle gestures penalties, because they lack both coordination and a hard palate.

For The Payment of Debts to Faerie Princes (MuCo55)

R: Sight D: Sun/Perm. T: Group Ritual.

This spell is a variant of Children’s Crusade. It turns the inhabitants of a village into babies, which can then be collected up and given to the faeries, who find these adult children humorous (or tasty, depending on the court with which they are aligned).

If You Can’t Be Nice, At Least Be Tidy (PeCo35)

A variant of Dust to Dust, with Sight range and Group target.

Flay (PeCo40)

R: Near/Sight D: Mom. T: Ind.

A flaying knife +1

This spell removes the victim’s skin. On a Stamina roll of 15+ the victim survives, although they are horribly deformed. The spell also shaves and scrapes the skin, ready for tanning.

Trepanation (PeCo40)

R: Near/Sight D: Mom. T: Ind.

A coin with razor sharp edges +1

This spell cuts the top off the victim’s head by carefully destroying a thin layer of skull. If the dome of the skull is kept in place, victims making a Stamina roll of 12+ survive. Moving the dome exposes the naked brain, which is eventually fatal.

Excavating the Innermost Chambers (PeCo(Re)55)

R: Sight D: Mom. T: Group

A spoon +1

A working first developed by Carmilla filia Quendalon, the first Parasitic maga, this spell tears the hearts out of its victims. The Rego requisite than lays them in a pile or circle, at the caster’s choice, about the caster’s feet. Each victim is allowed a Stamina roll of 12+ to retain their heart, but even those who survive suffer the loss of 5 Stamina points. It is said that Carmilla sometimes ate the fresh hearts of her victims whole, using a spell similar to The Healthy Appetite (WGRE 151).

The Imposition of Consensus (PeCo60)

R: Sight D: Sun T: Ind

A small hammer and a bag of nuts +1

By concentrating for a round the magus breaks a small bone of the victim’s. The magus does not select the bone, but it is usually located in the fingers, toes or teeth. For each round the magus concentrates another bone breaks, although they can pause long enough to ask the victim questions, before resuming this torturous process.

When I Said You Should Move Your Village, I Meant That You Should Move Your Village (PeCo70) Ritual

R: Near D: Mom. T: Boundary

Cast upon a village, this spell ages all of its inhabitants over the age of 16. At the midnight following the casting of the spell, each victim ages 1 year per minute for fifteen minutes.

The Supporters Fall and the Device Is Swept Away (PeCo85)

R: Arcane D: Permanent T: Bloodline – Ritual

This spell renders sterile all members of the target bloodline. It is used to extinguish noble families, but is not always absolutely successful. Since it does not affect children by marriage, or bastards, there is often someone around who can claim to be the rightful heir to whatever estate remains.

Float (ReCo20)

R: Touch D: Sun T:Ind

A variant of Rise of the Feathery Body that allows the magus to float, at up to sprinting pace, through the air.

Striding, the Son of Righi (ReCo(CrMe)60) – Ritual

R: Touch D: Permanent T: Ind – Ritual

A variant of the Walking Corpse, this ritual creates then animates a gigantic cadaver, which follows the instructions of the caster.

Dancers on the Righi (ReCo(CrMe)60 Ritual)

R: Touch D: Permanent T: Group

A variant of the Walking Corpse, this ritual creates then animates three gigantic cadavers, which follows the instructions of the caster.


For All The Works of Man Are As Dust (PeHe30)

R: Near/Far D: Inst. T: Boundary

Causes all of the dead wood in an area, like a village, to decay. Structures creak mightily for a minute before collapsing.

Forest of Growthless Life (PeHe50)

R: Near/Sight D: Inst. T: Boundary

Spell focus: A pruning hook (+1)

The trees in the forest affected by this spell cease to grow. They still sprout leaves, flower and bear fruit, but never increase in size.


Robes of Darkness (PeIg25)

R: Per/Touch D: Sun T: Ind

A tiny snowman +1

Creates a thin sheet of darkness which is draped about the caster like a robe. Although it causes them no harm, others who touch the robe suffer +5 damage due to the freezing temperature of dark region.


Speech that Travels Beyond the Miles (CrIm(In) 45)

R: Arc. D: Sun. T: Ind.

This spell projects the caster’s voice to the targeted individual, and allows them to know how the target replies.

The Visible Memory of Places Once Seen (MuIm(InMe 50)

R: Touch/Sight D: Sun/Year T: Ind.

Ink of six colours +3

This spell reads the target’s mind, finding the memory either of a specific journey, or all the places the person has ever been. It then projects illusions of these locations into the air. The caster can set the scale of the image, determines the point of view and can alter either by concentrating. The two points of view Andru most often uses are topographic and first-persons.

The City of Forgotten Places (MuIm(InMe 55)

R: Near/Sight D: Sun/Year T: Ind.

A cobblestone from Rome +1

The victim of this spell believes they are walking in a large city. If the spell is cast with a Mentem requisite, the city adapts itself to the victim’s expectations and fears. If cast without the requisite, it follows the subconscious designs of the caster. The illusion can be temporarily pierced by the intrusion of dangerous, real factors. Once the crisis passes the phantasmal city attempts to reassert it. An Int + Sta roll of 15+ allows the victim to escape.

A victim can dispel this effect by leaving the city. To do this the victim needs to form the desire to leave, and then overcome the city’s distractions and defences. Since the city is created out of the mental detritus of either the victim or the caster, the city usually contains surreal patches, inherent flaws of logic, which can be exploited to escape. A group of friends sticking pins in the victim until the Intelligence + Stamina roll is made has also proven effective.

The Fabrication of the Comforts of the Hearth (MuIm(InMe) 55

R: Near/Sight D: Sun/Year T: Ind.

A small friendly puppy +2 (the puppy survives the experience)

This complicated working first reads the mind of the target, and then reiterates what it finds there. The target’s surroundings are seductive because they remind the victim of the place where they feel most comfortable. The caster chooses the level of effect, from subtle touches to make a room cosier, to a complete fantasy, which includes the character’s childhood home, parents and friends. If the caster or an accomplice are in the area when the spell is cast they can be cloaked in the illusion, allowing them to pretend to be one of these trustworthy figures.

The one flaw in this spell is that it doesn’t damage the target’s memory. The more blatant the attempt at manipulation, the more obvious it is that it is false. This means that the complete psychodrama is usually less effective than subtle exploitation of mood and the use of a single, carefully selected character. This flaw can be overcome by using a spell to destroy the character’s memory of how they arrived in the enchanted room.

Invisible Army (PeIm(Re) 25)

R: Near/Sight D: Sun/Year T: Group

A fern seed +3

This spell makes a specified group invisible. It is not dispelled when the characters move or engage in combat. The characters still cast reflections and are able to see each other.

Phantom Letter (ReIm25)

R: Arcane D: Sun T: Ind.

A peacock quill +1

This spells allows the caster to write lengthy messages on a distant surface, like a wall or tabletop.


Cupid’s Leaden Arrow (CrMe 15)

R: Eye/Sight D: Sun/Moon T: Ind.

Creates, in the mind of the target, a deep abhorrence for a person chosen by the caster.

Cupid’s Golden Arrow (CrMe 15)

R: Eye/Sight D: Sun/Moon T: Ind.

Creates, in the mind of the target, a deep sexual desire for a person chosen by the caster.

I Know You Think You Know That Spell, But I Think, You Know, That I Know You Don’t (PeMe 25)

This spell removes the memory of how to work a single spell of charm from the mind of the target.

Posing the Silent Questions (InMe25)

R: Eye/Sight, D: Conc., T: Ind.

A version of the spell of similar name (145), which allows multiple questions to be asked.

The Tears of the Washing Woman of the Ford (MuMe25)

R: Near D: Sun T: Ind.

A bloody piece of cloth +2

The target is overcome with a fit of crying and sobbing, and must make a Concentration roll of 9+ to do anything else. This spell lasts until sunset, sunrise or the target resists the effect for three consecutive rounds. This spell does not affect the target’s emotional state, only their physical activities. It is named for a banshee-like creature that appears in some areas, washing bloody clothes as a presentiment of death.

To Know Where to Look is Half the Solution (InMe 35) Ritual

R: Touch D: Mom T: Boundary

This ritual is cast upon a city, town or village. While it is being performed the magus puts a question to the minds within the village, and, at the ritual’s completion, discovers the names of those people who think they know the answer. The magus does not discover the answer himself through the use of this spell.

The Spell We Do Not Admit We Know (InMe 35)

R: Arc. D: Sun T: Room

A rock crystal (+1) or water in a basin carved of rock crystals (+3)

This spell is a modified form of Summoning the Distant Image (141). Its duration has been increased and it allows the magus to “touch” objects, although this doesn’t grant the ability to move them. This spell is usually used in conjunction with Fondling the Distant Object

Watching The Motive as it forms (InMe 40)

A variant of Peering Into the Mortal Mind with the duration extended to Sun.

To Know the Criminal, Unsuspecting (InMe 75)

A variant of Peering into the Mortal Mind, with the range extended to Arcane Connection and the duration extended to Sun. This spell is useful for finding grogs who have gone missing.

“What Magus Was That?” They Ask Themselves. “No Magus At All!” We Answer. (MuMe 40) Ritual

This variant of Recollection of Memories Never Quite Lived has been redesigned for casting on cities in which a scandalous Hermetic crime has occurred. Those who resist the spell suddenly find that the rest of the people in their city believe that something far more mundane happened. The more drastic the need for this intervention, the more insane those who remember the actual events sound to their neighbors.

Dark Whispers on the Wind (PeMe65)

R: Far D: Moon/Perm. T: Boundary

An extension of Black Whisper, this spell places the magical sentence that destroys minds on the winds, which carry it to all ears within the Boundary of the target. Those who realise what is happening can block their ears, which will protect them from the sentence, and those working in noisy conditions may only hear a muffled voice, and are therefore immune. Those who hear the complete sentence must make a Sta roll of 15+ or be driven mad. Those who survive may recognise the caster’s voice if they hear it again later.

Enslave the Tree From Root to Branch (ReMe50)

A version of Enslave the Mortal Mind which has its Target extended to Bloodline.


Fondling the Distant Object (ReTe 25)

R: Arc. D: Sun T: Small

A bit of silver (+1) or a gauntlet of silver chain mail (+3)

This version of Unseen Arm (153) is used to alter area into which a magus is scrying. For example, it can be used to open drawers or turn pages.

Bellicostic Servitors of Ice and Diamond (ReTe(Co)30)

R: Reach D: Sun/Perm. T: Ind. Ritual

This spell enchants a statuette that looks like an obscure type of faerie from the depths of Darkness and Winter. When the command word is given, the statue transforms into a gigantic humanoid being of a hard transparent substance. The being then follows the caster’s orders until killed or ordered to revert into statuette form. Provided the being has not been killed, the statuette can be reused. The statue must be touched when the command word is given.

Fishing Pole of the Distant Thief (ReTe30)

R: Arc., D: Mom., T: Small

A fishing line baited with an arcane connection to the object to be stolen (+3)

A version of Hand of the Invisible Thief (154) this spell allows theft at extended distances. Veronica couples it with The Spell We Do Not Admit We Know.

Additional new Terram Spells can be found in the description of Carmen of Verditius


Command the Spirits of the Fire (ReVi Gen.)

R: Near D: Sun T: Ind

This spell, invented by Primus Tasgillia, the corrupted leader of the Tytalusian diabolists, allows the caster to command a demon of (Level -5) until sunset.

Indelible Brand of Tasgillia (ReVi, Gen)

R: Near D: Sun T: Ind

The Indelible Brand allows a magus to give a command to a demon (of Level -5) which it must obey. This command cannot violate the fundamental nature of the demon, and in time the demon’s superiors may free it from the working.

Sense the Wings of Doves (InVi10)

R: Far D: Mom T: Group

This spell senses the innate magic resistance of those who have recently taken communion, or who have been anointed. The magic cannot, itself, sense holiness, but it can detect how their movement through it is affecting the magical field about a person. This does not work within the Dominion.


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