This was my first book, and so it was incredibly overwritten.  Much of the material has been reused in later books, or is no longer relevant in this edition.

The following documents are called the Sanctuary Apocrpyha, and were hosted on one of my earlier websites. I’ve recovered them through the Wayback Machine.

Four covenants were originally Apocryphal.

  • Haven, has  disappeared entirely, save for the illustration of a group of men wearing the letter Omega spying on a conference meeting. The Havenites were meant to be like the Second Foundation by Asimov, but for the Order. THey had some discoveries which had not been passed on to the first Order, and their job was to keep the order stable, and survive its fall.
  • Labyrinth of Lanes
  • Shadow of the Moon
  • Tarragon Vale, was reabsorbed into the text, and also issued as a web supplement.

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One thought on “Sanctuary of Ice

  1. This has been my bedside reading this past week. Don’t know why I pulled it off the shelf, although I realize that I never gave it a proper read through when I bought it years ago. I’m only a couple chapters in but I like it. There is something about the idea of a group of powerful wizards living in a relatively isolated area that appeals to me. Thanks for the additional material, too.


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