I did very little for this book.

The book is structured as a set of fantastic character types, held together with a character creation guideline and a cosmology. I initially signed on to do the Races of Past Ages and a little chapter about magical cats. The Races of Past Ages did not fit the theme of the book, as it progressed. I tried to recycle them for Realms of Power : Faerie, and a version of them is found on the page for that book. They were, again, cut, this time from a mixture of reasons. The section is very long, and would have required other faeries be cut to give it place. There is also the problem that People of Gold seem Magical, while People of Silver and People of Bronze are clearly Faeries. 

 From my files

The Races of Past Ages are three distinct peoples who believe that they are the lineal ancestors of the current human race. The Races of Past Ages look like modern humans, although they have unusual racial characteristics. Colonies of these people are found in the Magic Realm, and a few linger in Mythic Europe, attempting to revive the glory of past ages.

Characters who make an Intelligence + Magic Lore Roll of 12+ know the origin myth of the Races of Past Ages, but cannot recognize a Person of Gold or Silver unless he or she is bleeding. Each race has blood of a distinctive color, derived from the metal that its age is named for. People of Bronze may be recognized for their green blood, or their distinctive armor and clothing. Seeing Person of Bronze in his or her armor lowers the Ease Factor of the roll to 9+

The People of Gold

The People believe that Chronos made the People of Gold. They grew from the Earth itself, as aged men and women, and grew younger through an almost-eternal life. They lived in perfect contentment, without the need for food, warfare or law. They would not bow to the usurper, Zeus, or his allies. Zeus poisoned this race, by creating winter and the closing of the year. No more people grew from the Earth, and procreation became necessary.

Magic Might: 30 (Corpus)

Characteristics: Int +3, Per +3, Pre +3, Com +3, Str +3, Sta +3, Dex +3, Qik +3

Characteristics are average for the race, but individuals may range from 8 to –2.

Size: 0

Confidence Score: 4 (9)

Personality Traits: Honorable +3, Just +3, Peaceful +1

Soak: +3

Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, Unconscious

Wound Penalties: –1 (1–5), –2 (6–10), –3 (11–15), Incapacitated (16+)

Abilities: All Lores 9, others by life history


Friend of Three Elements, 0 points, Init 0, Rego: People of Gold are never troubled by inclement weather or environmental conditions. They do not need to breathe, although they enjoy it when they think to do it. Dirt does not stick to them, unless they wish it to, and rain will not fall on them unless they desire it. People of Gold are never too warm or cool because of the weather, unless they wish to be, but have no innate resistance to fire, because it had not been discovered in their time.

Sovereign of the Earth, 1 point, Init 0, Creo: People of Gold may create any generic, non-magical tools they require by magic. Each tool appears to rise from the earth, or be formed from a similar material, a few seconds after willed into existence by the Person.  Unlimited use of this power costs one point per month, not one per item.

People of Gold believe these items are gifts from the universe, unaware that they control the generative force. The tool last only as long as it retains the attention of the Golden One, fading away if they ignore it. If the Golden One’s attention returns to the object, it recreates itself. Most People of Gold are unaware that their items disappear when ignored.

The Golden One cannot create tools larger than a horse. This power can create food, which has no nutritional value, but the Golden Ones do not require sustenance, only to ease pangs of hunger. Many believe, as a religious obligation, that they should not share gifts made for them by the universe. They do not usually understand that humans who partake of their food starve.

Equipment: People of Gold that visit Mythic Europe can adapt to the comparatively hostile environment, but in their natural state, they wear no clothes, and carry no equipment. Most of the People of Gold are technically dead, killed by the Olympians, but create bodies with subconscious use of their powers.

Vis: 6 pawns of Intellego, in golden blood.

Appearance: Mature People of Gold appear to be extremely healthy people in late adolescence. Young people of Gold look like very old mortals. They generally do not wear clothing; although those that have lived in Mythic Europe long enough to discover that their gifts vanish when they are distracted adopt the dress of local people.

The People of Gold, found in the mortal realm, pretend to be Wise Ones, and seek to guide the People of Iron back toward the Golden Age. They are able to reveal many secrets to those brave and noble enough to find them, and pass their tests. Some few People of Iron become People of Gold after death, and they rise from the ground as aged people, and grow young again. The Path of the Circle, in House Criamon, embraces this process.

The People of Silver

Zeus poisoned the Golden People, so that they could no longer call children from the Earth, The children they bore sexually, contaminated by the poison, were a race with blue, silver-tainted blood, tainted with silver. Each had a childhood that lasted one hundred years, but they lived only for a few decades as adults. The People of Silver needed mates, so they invented families. They needed food and developed agriculture. They needed houses, so they invented towns. The men of silver were arrogant, and schemed against each other. They would not serve the gods, so Zeus changed the nature of their children.

Magic Might: 20 (Corpus)

Characteristics: Int +2*, Per +2, Pre +2*, Com +2*, Str +2, Sta +2, Dex +2, Qik +2

*Characteristics are average for the race, but may have Characteristics, particularly those marked of up to 7.

Size: 2

Confidence Score: 4 (9)

Personality Traits: Arrogant +3, Self-centered +3, Deceitful +2


Axe*: Init 3, Attack 9, Defense 7, Damage 8

Axe and Buckler*: Init 3, Attack 9, Defense 8, Damage 8

Assumes a Single Weapon Ability of 4 (axe), but skilled warriors of this race may have far higher scores.

Soak: +2, plus any armor.

Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –1 –3, –5, –5, Unconscious

Wound Penalties: –1 (1–7), –3 (8–14), –5 (15–22), Incapacitated (23+)

Abilities: All Abilities that may be used to manipulate others 9 in adults, but 4 in children pretending to be adult modern humans. This includes Bargain, Carouse, Charm, Etiquette, Folk Ken, Guile, Intrigue, and Leadership. Other Ability scores as suit the person’s history.


Cunning Devices, 2 points, Init 0, Muto:  People of Silver are extremely inventive when forced to be, and can make new devices to suit their needs out of a surprising variety of everyday items. These devices always suit their purpose, but some, if examined closely only work because magic makes some of their components behave in impossible ways. For example, and apple core might be used as a spring, or a piece of rope used to slice things. People of Silver feel that this is “cheating” and pride themselves on making each item’s workings as realistic as is practical to the demand of their vanity. Each device falls back into its component parts at the next new Moon, unless a Person of Silver is present and prevents the failure.

Galling Ego, 0 points, Init 0, Muto:  Natural objects so dislike People of Silver that they avoid drawing attention to themselves. Mud will slide away from their feet. Streams will part as they walk across. Trees will bend their branches to avoid touching People of Silver. People of Silver either do not notice this effect, or expect it as their due, homage from the Universe.

Equipment: They wear the finest garments and have the nicest toys available, preferably stolen.

Vis: 4 Pawns Rego, in blue blood.


Adult People of Silver are very tall. Their children, who are large and well-educated compared to normal children, often pretend to be adult humans (Size 0, Base score of 0 on physical Attributes) Despite their single-minded self-aggrandizement, People of Silver can be charming, and effective, intriguers. The People of Silver are unfettered by civilized modes of behavior, so crime comes easily to them. Most People of Silver lack physical courage, having only a brief adult lifespan that they do not intend to truncate, so they have servants who engage in combat for them.

The People of Silver are convinced of their own cleverness. They were unable to develop a durable civilization because each felt that he or she should rule. People of Silver work in small family groups, because they are unable to accept each other’s authority sufficiently to form larger organizations. Those found in Mythic Europe tend to have found places in the nobility, and pay scant regard to their feudal superiors.

The People of Bronze

The People of Bronze were a terrible warrior race. Their blood was tainted green, with copper. They feasted solely on flesh: bread was too soft for their nature. Their houses, implements and armor were made of bronze. Their hearts were as hard as diamond. They loved all forms of violence, and were destroyed either by their feuding, or by the Great Flood of Deucalion. After their destruction, People say, Prometheus crafted new men, with blood of iron and flesh of clay.

The combat statiustics of this group have been removed. I recycled them for a different monster in a pending publication.

Appearance: People of Bronze appear to be incredibly fit, young, soldiers. They avoid all luxury, and lack the ability to feel many human emotions. This prevents them finding happiness in aesthetic or intellectual pursuits. People of Bronze assess all things from the perspective of military utility. They see a town as a supply camp, with an output of so much food per year, or as the base of a group of armed defenders, with varying degrees of combat effectiveness, rather than as a community with a unique culture.

People of Bronze active in Mythic Europe attach themselves to either side in a major conflict, and attempt to exterminate the other side as efficiently as possible. They feel no compassion, so they consider utter elimination of enemy settlements a particularly valuable tactic. This includes the slaughter of children, as a way of preventing a community seeking intergenerational revenge. People of Bronze conquer for the happiness it brings them, and the respect they earn from others of their kind: they care nothing for power or riches, except insofar as they allow a Person of Bronze to increase the scale of his or her campaigns.

Some People of Bronze train people of Iron in the arts of war. They do this in the hope that the people of Iron will develop into suitably challenging opponents.



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