My wife and I should go on holiday more…

Both of the sites which I’ve written about here are things I considered because of a holiday Linda and I took in the UK. We set it out so that one day we went to prehistoric sites, then the next day was Romans, and then the next Castles, and so on. Much of the historical material for the Bath section is just on the walls in their museum, and that which isn’t was put together using material from the local historical societies. Seriously, though: an archmagus with a magical engine?  Why hadn’t we used him before?

The material for the poisoned battlefield just fell together. I’m an avid Time Team fan, and remembered a Roman site they could not excavate because of lead contamination.  When I went looking for Roman mining sites, the Mendip Hills were mentioned and I wanted to use them, because Linda and I had driven over them to reach Bath.  Some of you from England are now thinking “Why?” and the answer is that I had the map upside down and only realized when we hit Slaughterbridge and made my Arthurian Lore roll that we were headed in the wrong direction. This also lead to Somerset (and the Land of Summer) and to the Roman lead mining technique which was that an ingot would be poured as a pig with piglets. The name of the faeries is a slant reference to the British version of Being Human. I can’t quite recall the quote, but one of the threatening televised presences says he’ll send his Wicked Boys to run amok.


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