This book is constructed of a series of small pieces, sewn together in rough categories.  My sections are as listed below.

The following sections are based on ideas drawn from the History of Herodotus of Halicarnassus:

Arion of Methmna, a Mystery initiation requiring the riding of a dolphin.

The Leap of Sappho, which allows entry into a pagan underworld

The Footbath of Amasis, a device which can create vis, among other things.

The Lamps of Mycernius, which extend magical Durations.

Zopyrus: the daimon of a general with a mutilated face.

 There are other, lengthier, sections, based on the following works:

Caenis and Caenus, which is about a spear that changes the gender of its wearer. It is assembled from various sources.

The Cambric Shirt, which considers a faerie noblewoman who makes impossible demands in exchange for her hand. It is based on a traditional song: Scarborough Fair, but I refered to The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes.

The Fish of Four Colours, wherein the players assist a king turned half to stone by an evil sorceress. This comes from the Thousand and One Nights.

The Knight Who Hunts His Beloved With Hounds, a ghost story from the Decameron.

Laelaps, a spirit with the features of a perfect hunting dog. This comes from Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

Medea and the Ritual of Rejuvenation, a mystical formula for reversing aging. This also comes from Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

The Life of Saint Dymphna, about a saint for the mentally addled. This comes from the Catholic Enjcyclopeduia.

The Swan Knight is about a Mystery cult venerating the Holy Grail. It is based on Lohengrin.

The Funeral Cloths of Jesus, which considers the Mandylion (later called the Shroud of Turin) and the Sudarium of Ovedio., is based on several sources.


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