In answer to a request for a poll from a commenter: how do you think this project should proceed?

This poll will last one week, during which time I’ll work on other things.


10 replies on “Future of the Tin Islands Project poll

  1. Do what you like, there will always be critics no matter what you do. People will like it, or not. They will use it, or not. That shouldn’t affect you doing what you want.


    1. Exactly.

      Maybe your idea is the best ever. Maybe it sucks. We won’t know, you just have to try it. And, well, you’re free to do so anyway 😉


  2. I’ll claim old man’s parma here since I haven’t read Promises in years. I prefer a simplified character sheet but using the normal terminology. But keep up the good work, definitely, and any simplified character sheets should be accompanied by the full version to show The Real Ars and inspire the players to keep playing when they go home.


    1. If it’s not too much trouble to include the regular sheets, I encourage this too. I’d love to run the adventure at the US Grand Tribunal, for example, with experienced players.

      Bottom line, if you’re excited by your experiment, by all means, write it!!!!


  3. I think novice players should be encouraged to fall in love with the Ars setting first and foremost, not the potentially scary crunch. Keep the simplified ruleset.


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