Third scene: foundation of the new covenant

The mark of the Romans

A day north of the ship battle, the characters come upon two pillars which thrust from the sea.  Each is surmounted with the statue of a griffin. This is a regio boundary. It can be crossed, at dawn, by any ship whose figurehead is smeared with a mixture of wine and butter. The player characters may not wish their sailors ot know this, and a stealthy character can smear the figurehead with an appropriate Stealth roll. Once this minor ritual is completed, the waves between the pillars become a deeper blue than the mundane waters around them. The sea smells sharper. Sounds are clearer. Magi feel the Gift stir within themselves.  It is only a few minutes before they arrive on the islands.

The layout of the islands, and the warehouse

The Tin Islands are five in number, and they form a vauge circle. The largest is twelve miles lon and five wide. At one end is a ruined structure, likely Roman by its architecture.  There is a jetty here, where the characters can land. The harbor here is shallow, so lighters are needed to load or unload the covenant’s ships, unless the magi use their powers to dregde the harbor. Within this ruined structure the characters find a magical circle, which keeps animals and decay from a small cache of supplies, presumably used by Lucan when he came to harvest the vis source on the island. 

This building was a warehouse, with a lighthouse tower attached, and skilled carpentry or masonry can restore it to it full function. It was originally three stories high, but only the cellars are useful without work. The warehouse is surrounded by equally ruinous buildings, which can be repaired with great labor, or used as quarries for the stone needed to rebuild the larger structures.  The remains of a huge fire are obvious in the central square of the town: Lucas piled the bodies of the town here and incinerated them, using a funeral rite to lay the spirits to rest. Characters can discover this with Know magic. If the characters explore along the coast, they will find ruined villas every three miles.  Within these villas the characters can find the crumbling skeletons of their owners, and it is clear they died by violence. Some treasures can be found in the wells of the villas, because the faeries could not meddle with them if they were placed underwater.

Within the town lies a Roman temple to Mercury. This is a great find for magi, because it has a large Aura, and its possession grants them prestige with other magi. It is odd, in that it is not on a Roman road, so perhaps there was a causeway here at one time, leading to the road network in Iberia. The temple is well maintained, presumably by Lucan, and contains a small golden statue of the god.  THe statue holds a large bowl, in which gemstones containing Terram vis coalesce on propitious days., It also has a huge urn, which contains the ashes of the Romans massacred by the faeries. Removing the statue reduces the Aura of the temple.

The faeries of the island

Characters who speak to the dead can discover the nature of the faeries that swarm the island at the full of the moon, and the traditional ward which keeps them at bay. The faeries were accidentally released by miners, who pierced the side of a sealed cave. This freed the creatures from deep in the earth, where they had been chained by the Roman gods (or so they say.). The faeries are short men, seeming like normal people who have been compressed downward and outward, so that they are short, but broad-shouldered, with massive feet, large noses and huge hands.  They play music which causes an inattentive paralysis, but this can be drowned out by other loud noises. They cannot cross running water, and they are dispersed, although not destroyed, by jets of water.

Faerie Might: 5 (Terram)

Characteristics: Int 0, Per +2, Pre –3, Com –2, Str –1, Sta +3, Dex +2,  Qik +4

Virtues and Flaws: Immunity from Terram, 2 x Great Characteristic, Faerie Sight, Faerie Speech, Humanoid Faerie, 2 x Improved Characteristic, Observant; Little, Traditional Ward (water)

Personality Traits: homicidal +3


Brawl (fist): Init +4, Attack +9, Defense +11, Damage +3

Pick/Tool (two handed): Init +7, Attack +8, Defense +11, Damage +11

Soak: +6, Immunity from Earth.  Is that too cruel?  Forces the players to improvise new weapons, which is good/

Wound Penalties:  –1 (1-3), –3 (4-6), –5 (7-9), Incapacitated (10–12), Dead (13+)

Pretenses: Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Bargain 6, Brawl 7, Craft (smith) 6,  Great Weapon 6

Powers: Many cause rock falls by touch. Allows them to damage walls to a supernatural degree with their weapons. 

Equipment: Furs, weapons

Vis: 1 pawn, rat body.


They players can, if they wish, just abandon the island on the night of the full moon, keeping their servants shipboard, or set up their settlement on one of the smaller islands. They may, instead, wish to claim the island, perhaps by fortifying it in some way. The player characters have two weeks to do what they can, to protect themselves from raiders. Some magi will wish to use ritual magic, like Aegis of the Heath, Conjuring the Mystic Tower, Walls of Stone, or similar, to defend parts of the island.

Hand out a list of possible rituals, with their costs and required rolls.


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