Abilities: [Scale: 4 competent, 6 mastered, 10 legendary]

Athletics 5, Awareness 3, Bargain 5, Carouse 5, Castilian 6, Charm 3, City Lore 4, Coast of Iberia Lore 4, Folk Ken 4, Guile 4, latin 5, Leadership 5, Merchant Captain 6, Scribe 4, Swim 7

Combat: Your character prefers to fight with an axe. It just works better in the restricted space of a ship.

Initiative +1, Attack +9, Defense +4, Damage +7. Soak: 3 (light leather jerkin) Wounds:  –1, (1–6), –3 (7–12), –5 (13–18) Incapacitated (19+)

Characteristics: [Scale -3/+3, Average human = 0 ] Communication 0, Dexterity 1, Intelligence 1, Perception 0, Presence 0, Quickness 0, Strength 1, Stamina 2.

Fatigue Levels: If you spend a fatigue level, you suffer the penalty on all dice rolls until your recovery time has passed. 

Unfatigued, 0 (2 minutes to recover), -1 (10 minutes to recover), -2 (30 minutes to recover) , -5 (1 hour to recover),  Unconscious (2 hours to recover).

Virtues and Flaws [Special features of your background, gifts, personality quirks, other benefits.]

Enemies: There’s a noble family in town, the Sanchos, and you might have been responsible for the death of their son.  Fair fight and all that, but he’s dead and they’d be happy to have you quietly killed.  These guys hate Isabella too, which is how you first got involved with the magi. Enemies of your enemies, and all that.

Large: You are just under seven feet tall. This makes you more difficult to kill, and a bit more imposing than usual.

Merchant Captain: You own a ship with a cargo space of 20 tons, that can be sailed with a skeleton crew of 6, although you have 12. You personally have any possession that suits a moderately affluent merchant adventurer.


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