Abilities: [Scale: 4 competent, 6 mastered, 10 legendary]

Arabic 5, Bargain 5, Brawl 3, Castilian 7, Charm 4, City Lore 5, Court Lore 7, Civil and Canon Law 5, Etiquette 6, Folk Ken 5, Guile 5, Intrigue 6, Latin 8, Scribe 3, Stewardship 7

Combat: Your character is not a professional warrior, but she keeps a knife on her persona and can do surprising damage to the unprepared.

Initiative 0, Attack 4, Defense 3, Damage 2. Soak: 0 Wounds: –1, (1–5), –3 (6–10), –5 (11–15) Incapacitated (16+)

Characteristics: [Scale -3/+3, Average human = 0 ] Communication 1, Dexterity 0, Intelligence 2, Perception 1, Presence 1, Quickness 0, Strength 0, Stamina 0.

Fatigue Levels: If you spend a fatigue level, you suffer the penalty on all dice rolls until your recovery time has passed. 

Unfatigued, 0 (2 minutes to recover), -1 (10 minutes to recover), -2 (30 minutes to recover) , -5 (1 hour to recover),  Unconscious (2 hours to recover).

Personality Traits: Determined +2, Proud +1, Ruthless +1

Virtues and Flaws [Special features of your background, personality quirks, other benefits.]

Black sheep: Your family do not approve of your life with the magi, of which they are aware, but keep secret as they consider it shameful. They will not aid you in this story, and may harm your progress if provoked.

Feud: Within the Court is a noble family that has hated yours for generations. They are commercial rivals, and the heir to the family hates you personally because you spurned his offer of marriage. They will try to harm you at every turn, and have no compunction about shedding your blood, if they can remain uncaught.

Wealthy Gentlewoman: Your character is wealthy by the standards of a medieval lesser nobility, and appears to be fantastically rich, because of the deal she has with the magi. Magi are not permitted to publicly meddle in mundane affairs, so the magi live in your palatial townhouse, and you act as their primary agent, both in dealing with the Count’s court and in stewarding their resources.  Everything they own, you seem to own: their ships, their gold, their men at arms, are believed by the general populous to be yours. In exchange they give you other advantages including, when you are older, age retardant spells. During the game, you have access to any prop or thing that a rich medieval woman is likely to have access to, and you can trade away the Wealthy virtue to spend your capital, making big changes to the game state, but reducing you to dependence on the magi or the mercy of your family.



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