Abilities: [Scale: 4 competent, 6 mastered, 10 legendary]

Athletics 4, Awareness 5, Brawl 4, Charm 4, City Lore 3, Folk Ken 3, Guile 3, Latin 4, Legerdemain 10, Portuguese 7, Stealth 10

+3 to all rolls involving fine manual dexterity, but not combat.

+3 to all rolls involving perfect balance, but not combat.

Combat: Your character has never been formally trained to fight, and so is not skilled with weapons.  She is, however, able to handle herself in a brawl.

Fist: Initiative +4, Attack +7*, Defense +7, Damage -1*. Soak: 3 (light leather jerkin)

*Add +2 if you pick up a makeshift weapon or pull a knife.

Wounds:  –1, (1–6), –3 (7–12), –5 (13–18) Incapacitated (19+)

Characteristics: [Scale -3/+3, Average human = 0 ] Communication 1, Dexterity 4, Intelligence 1, Perception 1, Presence 0, Quickness 4, Strength -1, Stamina 0

Fatigue Levels: If you spend a fatigue level, you suffer the penalty on all dice rolls until your recovery time has passed.

Unfatigued, 0 (2 minutes to recover), -1 (10 minutes to recover), -2 (30 minutes to recover) , -5 (1 hour to recover),  Unconscious (2 hours to recover).

Virtues and Flaws [Special features of your background, gifts, personality quirks, other benefits.]

Avaricious: You character associates wealth with safety, and likes to accumulate as much portable wealth as she can.  She’s not foolish about this, but it’s one of her main drives.

Light Touch: +3 to all rolls using your hands for delicate work.  Does not include combat.

Perfect Balance:  +3 for all rolls where perfect balance is of aid.  Does not include combat.

Compulsion: You character enjoys proving herself by doing ricky, although not suicidal, things.

Dark Secret: You were originally secreted into the covenant’s service as a spy for the Sancho family. You no longer serve the Sancho family, as one of the senior magi of this covenant discovered your secret with Mind magic and used you as a double agent. If the younger magi here ever found out you used ot be a spy against them, without the senior magus to vouch for you, they might put you to death, or punish you in some other way,


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