So, this was my first ever attempt at writing to supplement length, from about 15 years ago. It’s not great, although it is useable.

The links below will take you to some pages on Internet Archive. Eventually I’ll migrate them across.


I acknowledge immediately that this work draws heavily on the ideas of others, most notably the “Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game”, the works of Roger Zelazny and the works of H.P. Lovecraft and his fellow authors. If any of these parties are annoyed by the publication of this work, I ask that they contact me so that it can be modified.

I’d also like to thank Illona Parker, Helen Thomas, Karl Hanmore and Steven Code for playtesting the supplement.

Finally, thanks to them members of Amberlist who pushed me to get it finished. Suggested modifications are welcome.

Corwin’s Realm, the Land of Roses.

Any Amberite can visit the Shadow of their Desire. Each of them can find a place, somewhere, in which all of their fantasies come true. In these distant Shadows every whim, conscious or subconscious is fulfilled. Amberites with psychological training sometimes find these places illuminating, or embarrassing, depending on what shape their mental dross takes.

Corwin has gone one better.

In drawing a Pattern, Corwin has not only created infinite Shadows of his Desire, but a Reality of his own Desire too. Although he doesn’t know it, every thought, every hope, every nightmare, every puzzle from Corwin’s thousands of years of life have spilled out into his newly created Shadows.

And that’s not all.

Corwin’s subconscious needs have taken Real shapes. They have bodies every bit as Substantial as him or his siblings.

They are his children.

Setting Notes

This setting for Amber D.R.P.G. is useful for bringing new people into the game. The cast is smaller so the complexities of the family tree don’t confuses neophytes. The Elders here are not quite so powerful or all-knowing so the players don’t have to continually walk in their shadows. The Elders co-operate on most things making the Land of Roses a relatively safe site where the P.Cs can congregate, as opposed to the usual situation where most players have private shadows. The Powers, although similar, are not locked up by powerful Elders. Finally, playing in Corwin’s realm does not ruin the books for someone who is yet to read them.

Metaphysics and History





Court of Light


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