The plan is for this page to host all of the various bits of web-ware I’ve written over the years, for various games. This is the part of the site which will be developed last, but if there was a specific thing you were looking for, and you contact me, I’ll move it to the top of the list.

Newer material

After my daughter died I wrote a comic book for my Coursera class in graphic novels.

I have written a four projects for National Game Design Month (NaGaDeMon). They aren’t really in the spirit of the rules, because they are more game supplement than game. To make them easier to access, I’m going to collate them and link them from here.

The Mirarion is a novelette (35 000 words) which is meant to copy the style of some of the First World War survivor diaries. I’m not sure it is finished. I think there’s probably going to be a layering piece written where a student in 1220 looks back at it and talks about the parts where the main character has deceived by omission.

I wrote an adventure for Ars Magica called Escape to the Tin Islands   as an experiment in methods of making the game easier to play. It features English use instead of Latin, and spell menus instead of making things up on the fly. This was a result of a poll, which asked for an introductory adventure suitable for cons. It’s been played a couple of times, and seems successful, but it rapidly goes off the rails in most gamees. I personally, like it when games leave the source material behind and head off in their own direction, because I see that as a sort of personalisation of the story.

Older material

I’d just like to remind readers that these were my early experiments in writing, from over a decade ago. Although they are usable resources, they are very rough, to my older eye.


Ars Magica: My first, failed, attempt at a blog. I plan to link this all up to the relevant books in time.

Nobilis: This link goes to an old archive, which contains the scraps of a PBeM I tried to run.

Pendragon: This link will take you to my old site, hidden in Internet Archive. From there, you can find a couple of adventures I’ve written, and an awful lot of stuff being hosted on Peter Corless’s old site.

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