So, I’ve gone through fifty FATE Worlds supplements and looked for infomation we can use directly in Magonomia. This does not include the two most recent collections “Worlds in Shadow” and “Worlds on Fire”.

  • The Aether Sea – This is a tall ships in space setting. It has magicians of three power levels. The lowest is that you just have a magical stunt. The medium level is that you have a Cantripping stunt which lets you cast any minor spell of your choosing, that suits your situation, for one Fate point. [p.18] The highest level is that you are a trained mage in one of the three schools of magic this setting has Alteration, Animation, and Evocation. [p. 21] These are basically making stuff change, making stuff move and making stuff appear. Some of the effects are useful as spell ideas. It also has rules form making flying ships. [p. 23-29] which could be adapted to ship crews in Magonomia. Similarly surviving on the sea [29-31] has some mechanics which might work for salt water campaigns. The rest is an adventure which would take serious work to repurpose.
  • The Agency: Superspies who are dead, but have been inserted, as a team, into the body of a living human, who also shares agency. Gadgets and gizmos 14. How to build an evil organisation 19-20. Could be a game where you take over the body of a live agent, but needs a lot of work for Magonomia.
  • Almbrecht After Dark – Set in a vast city similar to London, but at the crumbling edge of an empire’s power. Actually, I’d say its more similar to Edinburgh. PCS play the role of people who keep a significant secret. Each campaign has a Crisis and a Conspiracy which are world aspects. Characters seem directly compatible, if non-magical. High concept is social class and role [p.11-13] Spy and thumaturge roles may be of the most interest to us. Thumaturges [p20-23] make magic items which might be good spy gear in Magonomia and can have a stunt in fixing them on the fly. There is a minor section on dreamwalking, and on nightmare monsters called Jacks [38-41] which seem directly useful in Magonomia games. The book ends out with sections on how to deepen conspiracies and use secrets to push along the plot, which both seem useful to certain types of campaign.
  • Andromeda: Space opera. Little in the setting suits us. The alien threat mechanic might work reskinned as a faerie invasion force [p. 12-17] but there’s still a bit of heavy lifting to do to move it across. Example stunts on page 30 have some direct use.
  • Arecibo – Set in modern Puerto Rico, during a prolonged power failure and blockade by US forces. Characters are teens and children trying to work out what has occurred. They begins as children, designed with some specialised rules, and partway through the story “transmogrify” and gain supernatural abilities. The key ones are Broadcast, Invigorate and Receive, each of which have stunts tied to them. [p.21-3] These could suit mildly supernatural PCs. On page 26 and 29 are stats for examples of two sets of ancient godlike beings which are fighting it out in the background of the setting, and might suit Magonomia reskinned as great elementals, angels or demons. Rounds out with an adventure that’s not easily reworked to suit us. NB: Elizabeth’s vassals do invade Puerto Rico briefly, so you might do a straight crossover.
  • Behind the Walls: Set in an American prison in 1959, eight years after a limited nuclear war has destroyed the national infrastructure. There’s not a lot here for us: some modelling of the mechanics of criminal gangs. Some stats you could reskin for period prisons? Not much suits us.
  • Blood on the Trail: Vampire wagon trains into the American west. Example vampire characters that could be reskinned, with stunts. [p. 33-37] I can vaguely see the wagon trail mechanics being used for something like founding a colony in Virginia, but again, not really a lot here for our setting.
  • The Crisp Line: Genetically modified player characters in a sort of sci fi dystopia. The genetic packages could be useful for shapeshifters in our game 22-29. Some of the characters could be used as enemies if the other side started using magic that created something like the genetic packages.
  • Deep Dark Blue: Submarine crew in a sort of SeaQuest setting. Designing crew [page 7] may have something for us in terms of ship crews. Example PCs and NPCs [9-15, 46-52] are translatable as non-magical ship’s officers with a quick reskin. Stunts for crew roles 18-19 are useful for us in ship settings. Ship design and combat rules [p. 22-30] might inspire something similar for our game. Sea monsters [p. 36, 38-39] could be used directly.
  • Eagle eyes: Noir detective tropes in Ancient Rome. Rules for conspiracies [p. 31-35] How to design Noir stories p. [35-41]
  • Frontier spirit: Sci-fi spiritualists colonising a new world. Rules for being a medium [p. 11 onwards] Rituals p. 20-22. Spirit manifestations 30. Some NPCs.
  • Ghosts Planets: Scifi, wandering through the worlds left abandoned by alien extinction events. Roles p. 11-16 Could be useful for antiquarians doing archaeology in our setting. Designing discoveries p. 17-18. Equipment 25-32, would need reskinned for genre. Ship robot 35, could be reskinned as a familiar spirit. Adventure [p. 43 onward] needs reskinned, but possible archaeology story.
  • Gods and Monsters : Primeval world being shaped by PC gods. Does not scale to our game.
  • Good Neighbours: Each player has two characters, a human and a faerie, which they play alternately. They are resisting the encroachment of Industry to their tiny town. Humans use Fate Core, faeries use a variant of Fate Accelerated. Characters could be reused in the sense of taking them as inspiration, but surprisingly little of it can be dragged across wholesale.
  • Grimoire: Oh, this is Ars-ish. Medieval world where people can make magic only by summoning daemons. They are opposed by the church and sponsored by nobles who need to maintain plausible deniability. Some of the Aspects p.10 could be useful., Daemon design 14-19 is useful. Pregens are directly stealable. Controlling daemons and related stunts (20-22) seems useful to us. Characters in adventure (31-41) also useful.
  • House of Bards: You’re journalists in a fantasy empire that’s been perpetually expanding through war for generations. Magic is a skill that costs a Fate point per use. Bits of this might be useful for a sort of political campaign in London, but there’s not a lot we can directly take beyond some NPC high-fantasy journalists an some imperial functionaries.
  • Iron Street Combat: It’s basically Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. Rules for faction p.11. possibly useful for duelling conspiracies. Stats for champions may be suitable for demoins / fairies with reskin. p51-57,
  • Knights of Invasion: Two kingdoms are meeting at a tournament as a last attempt to avert war, and then aliens invade. Hunt, Ride and Siegecraft stunts 15-17. NPCs page 18-20 are direct lifts if you need foreign monarchs. Equipment and armor 22, Retainers 23.. Siege weapons, jousts, grand meele 24-26. Alien knight 34. Alien race design 42-54, suitable for faerie/spirit/demon races.
  • Loose threads: Faerie tale characters left over after their stories finish band together to help others. Magic comes in four types: Zaps, Alchemy, Wish, and Great Magic. Zaps is emitting damage. Stunts p.10, Alchemy is potions and charms. Stunts p. 11. Wish magic is direct narrative control with a roll and only one possible stunt. Great Magic is NPC only. Designing faerie stories 21-33 had useful templates. NPCs p. 36,40-42 are directly liftable, but will break our magic rules.
  • Masters of Umdaar. It’s like Zardoz, or Krull, or Conan. It’s about individual heroes fighting evil overlords in a setting of low technology with random bits of overpowered ancient magic thrown in from whatever was going on before the current age. Powers (18-19) and Weapons (21-24) could be harvested for stunts. Designing and running clifhangers 26-30. Monsters (35, 39, 40) could be reskinned. Trap design p. 45. Artifact design 46-50 may be useful with some reskin for ancient treasures.
  • The Ministry: A horror setting. In 1958 the Ministry of Rockets defends England from aliens. Mob of humans or agents p 18., Stunts 19-20, Equipment 20. Aliens – stats and description 22-35. Has floor plans for the Royal Yacht Britannia and Buckingham Palace. Has stats for spore-infested royal family and retinue.
  • Morts: Modern zombie apocalypse. Two types of zombie p16. Two types of spectre p.19. Dire crows p.22. Stunts for playing undead p.26. Rules for necromancy 26-30. Lich king p.38.Example ghost p. 42, Flameghast p. 44, Shattered Knight p. 45. Sod monster p. 46.
  • Nest: You used to be a hero in a pocket fantasy realm, but forgot, Narnia-style. Fantasy stunts page 10. Rules for talismans and examples p.11-12. Crows, jacks, snipes and vulturines (monsters p.19-21). Gate guards 31, Teen werewolf p.33, Ogre 33, NPC engineer 35. Lion inventor, sloth girl genius p. 37. Street robbers 41, Unenchantress 42, Feckless prince and punctual princess 44. Top-level enemies 49, 50, 55.
  • Ngen Mapu: Urban fantasy with PCs as spirits of concepts in the modern world. Shapeshifter aspects p.19, syphillis spirit p.41.
  • Nitrate City – Superheroes in 1940s Hollywood. Universal monster films as character types. Monster movie and film noir archetypes p.11, Cinematic play 16-17, Stunts, but for FATE Accelerated. NPCs (in Accelaerated) p.35-50.
  • On The Wall: Dystopian superpowered teens. Clique aspects p.15, Example stunts 20, Examples powers 21, Sample cliques p.25, Minor antagonists 36 Sample characters 37-41.
  • Prism: A modern world where lucid dreaming leads to a shared, but malleable, reality. Stunts 7-9, Rules for living colours 14. Alternate realities 17-9, Faction stunts p.29. Designing factions 31, Nightmare 37, NPC Factions, 40-41, 43. Dragon 45,
  • Psychedemia: Basically psychic kids in Ender’s Game before the Formic War. Faculty members 6-10, Company (potential school class) leaders 12-16, Stunts 20-21, Psychic aptitudes (ESP, Psychokinesis, and Telepathy.) and related stunts 22-25, Alien diplomat 39, Friendly aliens 42,
  • Red Planet: Soviet pulp sci-fi. Not a lot here. Stunts p.27, Spaceships 28-29, Scifi gadgets 30, Enemies 32-38.Pirate crew, some robots 47-8. NPCs to the end.
  • Romance in the Air: 19th Century drawing room fiction mixed with pulp. Each Great Power has stats yo can use as their agent. Extra for troops and crew 25, Stunts for Vehicles 35, Example vehicles 37,
  • Sails Full of Stars: Tall ships in space: Alchemy and stunts 12-13. Sailing 14, Stunts 15-17. Ships as characters 22-25, Crew 26, Ship combat 28-30, Colonial governor 33, Alchemical genius 36, Ship captain 39,
  • Save Game : Computer game characters doing a light sort of Tron thing. To much of a lift – sorry guys. Some NPCs, but they are well outside genre.
  • Slip: Modern horror fantasy as other worlds bleed into our own. Some NPCS that would require conversion. Various enemies The stated major ones are 44 and 45.
  • So the story goes: Tale-tellers in a healing medieval world. Stunts 12-15 Sample characters 17-20, Using words to get what you want from powerful people (Petition rules) 22. Governor p. 48.
  • Straw boss: Characters are members of a cult in the modern day. Designing familiars 12-13. A few convertable NPCs.
  • The Secrets of Cats: Playing animals. Four magical schools (Warding, naming, shaping, seeking) Normal stunts 27-30. NPCs 36-8, 40. Enemies (burning ghost, rat king] 42-3,
  • Til Dawn: Romance and queerness at an emotionally charged 22nd century music festival. Examples stunts p. 14-15. DJ battles and venues. Again, not a lot to borrow here.
  • Under the Table: Arthurian retelling with Prohibition era gangsters. Roles in a crew 31. Rules for Alchemixology (alchemy in cocktails). 34-5. Mystic places p. 39, Doom mechanic 39-41.
  • Uranium Chef: Iron chef in space with aliens. Some NPCs, but the core stats have been reworked around flavour types, so it’s a heavy lift.
  • The Way of the Pukona – Warrior-women who bodyguard the community’s chieftain in an ancient Mapuche society. Not a lot of stuff here we can use.
  • Weird World News: Scooby Do, but reporting for a newspaper. Stunts p. 11. Mothman [p.25] Groovy monsters p. 30-34.
  • Wolf’s head: Outlaws in Norman England. Band aspect 6, Stunts 8, Treasure mechanics 9-10, Magic 11-16 (Curses, Geasa, Divination), Quite a few NPCs that are directly liftable.

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