The transcripts are live. Once again, they are very minimal recording notes. I’m sorry they don’t have art in the way they used to, but I thought it more important to get them up to date than to polish them. Many of these episodes will eventually be recut into other forms (like the Cornwall material was recut into the marvellous work over on David Berco’s site) and when that happens, I’ll fancy them up from bare scripts. I hope eventually to have pdfs that are an annotated Ars Magica guide to the “King of Elfland’s Daughter”, and annotated “Pentamerone” and a poetry anthology of creatures with the text on the verso and the stats on the recto, but that’s very long term.

My goal, now that the transcripts are up to date and I have some episodes in the can is to fill my 50 minutes of recording time for the month, then try to get the backlog of monster stats sorted. After that, the Venice project has sprawled out of control and needs a serious rethink.

Also, Magonomia will go live this month, and I hope people love it. I have a couple of book-length ideas for it, but I won’t discuss them here. I need to work out what I’m going to do with all of my little unused bits and pieces for my bits of the core book. I’m tempted to record a podcast that’s like, five minutes long a week, called “The Walsinghham Papers” GFF was almost called “Five Minutes in Mythic Europe”, which would have made things like the Dunsany project impossible. The thing is, though, I don’t want to overcommit while I’m feeling well* and then collapse into a hole when my health arcs up again.

*well-ish. I’m home from work with a cold, waiting for the all clear from my nasal swab. I’m in Australia, so I’d be struck-by-a-meteorite unlucky for it to come up badly.

It’s the second after you hit upload you always notice the first error. I’ll fix the cover and reup it tonight.

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