Thank you to everyone who has supported Games From Folktales for 150 episodes!

Here’s a little gift: the first edition of the Cornwall gazetteer I’ve been promising.

I call it the first edition, because at some point I hope to extend the section on saga seeds, and have a map professionally made. This isn’t an immediate plan: I need to finish this project up, because it’s gone well past my initial goals for it. The project can’t keep expanding, slowly, forever.

I had hoped to do Cornwall in a more magazine-like style, so that it was easier for new players to read. I can see I failed at that. I’ve learned a lot in the process, though.

I’ll be charting how successful Cornwall is, in downloads and Paetreon subscriptions, because it took about two days of solid work to collect it into this form. In that time I could have recorded a substantial number of podcast episodes. I need to work out the balance there, because there are other possibilities for large collections, and I need to know if they are worthwhile uses of time in could instead be spending on audio.

As examples, there are clearly possible books like:

  • gathering all of the Lord Dunsany Episodes, and their associated monsters, together. It would take days of work.
  • assembling all of the small demons mentioned up to episode 170. OI’m tempted to call it “Little Demons” after an unpublished Tim Burton musical.
  • Serenisima. This is my daily project for November, about a faerie-riddled Venice you can visit, but only once. It’s like the Marco the Liar stories.

Those being noted, each of them takes the work of months of weekly podcast episodes and the material is not “fresh” so much as “Conveniently repackaged”, so I’ll be keeping an eye on Cornwall’s stats.

So, again, thanks to all of you who have kept me going.




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