Hank Green discusses moral luck.  In a podcast in February, which I’m scripting now, I’ll be covering how the existence of actual demons in Ars Magica adds a wrinkle to moral luck. We’ll cover Paul, who didn’t believe in it (for him the desire was a deed) and Oregin, (who took Paul’s injunction to strike out the eye that causes you to sin in a weird direction), heading into Cathar territory. We;ll talk about Dante, and being taxanomically defined forever for your worst day. We may head out in the musical Hamilton and talk about Aaron Burr,and if he deserves a place in Hell.

Then we’ll think about Hermetic Law. We need Greek views of guilt and blame using Oedipus, the existence of living embodiments of ill-luck, and Criamon Adulterations to mix up a batch of plot hooks. for storytelling.

After it’s over, you’ll think differently about how a character that’s “lucky” lives in a world where sin and salvation are real. It was never just about rerolling skill failures. Does moral luck stand between you and damnation?


If you’d like to get in early on the philosopy:



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