Atlas Games have given me permission to go ahead with a podcast.  I already record books into the public domain, so I have the gear and software, and I’m working through the hosting details. I hope to go live either this week or next.

It looks like I’ll be using Libsyn as my host, and their basic plan allows me to upload 50MB of material in each calendar month.  If it all goes live this week, that doesn’t give me a lot of time to load up material.  Then again, I’m doing this so I can run classes at my library, and the first one is early in June, so it might be worth starting with a bang and loading just under 50MB of episodes at once.  In case that’s necessary, I’ve recorded the first four.  They average eight minutes long, and they are single presenter (although one has a recording of some folklore from the public domain in a different voice).

The sensible thing would be to delay and use those as a production buffer, so that I was always a month ahead on planned releases.  That being said I think I can whip up some extras quickly. It’s not the recording which takes time, it’s the scripting, and for these, at least, I’m just going through the blog and translating a lot of it to audio.  Eventually, when I’m writing fresh material, the blog will hold transcriptions of the podcasts.

The following are already recorded

  • Starting at the appendix (which would have been the next blog post and is about the sudden appearance of the veriform appendix in Mythic Europe).
  • Sacrificing Horace to Cloacina
  • What do your hands say in Mythic Europe?
  • A theory of colour

My other planned episodes are

  • Gods can’t see you
  • Dressing like a murder hobo
  • The Legend of Antillia
  • Sicilian clown punching
  • Haruspexes were doing science.
  • Gallipoli and House Tremere.
  • Dragons and Charles Darwin (which is another post I’m working on)
  • Thoughts on the Itinerarium (I’ve been working on this for a while. It needs ot cohere a bit).
  • The Activities of the Witches of Thessaly

I’m also thinking of recording some fiction.  The Husband and the cat story from Mythic Perspectives, for example.

My plan is for Season 1 to be 13 episodes, and then to do a Kickstarter and set up a Patreon account.  I assume they will fail, but I need to know how the software works for my classes at the library.  Then I’ll look at it and see what I want to do next. Libsyn has an annual plan, so that gives a natural end point to the project if I find I don’t want to keep up with it financially.

The Libsyn thing is the only cash cost, and it’s USD60 annually. I’ve paid more for training courses, and I think I can get some back as a tax deduction because it’s work-related.THat makes it worth doing, at least for a year. I know that if it all falls over I can store things for free at Community Audio.

So…that’s the new project.  News as it develops.  I’m also going to be getting a Snapchat.  I have no idea what to use it for, but I’m teaching a class, so…



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