In Capital in the 21st Century, Thomas Piketty notes that the reason that all of the nations of the Earth can be in debt at the same time is that about 4% of the world’s production disappears from the calculations. This money is basically filtering into a shadow economy. Some of it eventually resurfaces as it is spent, but basically a large slice of the world’s production disappears, and this creates problems in terms of societal structure.

To what extent does The Order form a shadow economy? In the feudal areas, like Stonehenge, you could argue that the order doesn’t really act as a parasite because the demands of the magi pale compared ot the conspicuous consumption of the nobility. In the Alps, the magical economy is almost separate from the mortal. As the cities grow larger, thought, does the Order’s slice of the economy get larger? Will this lead to clashes with the limited mechanisms of enforcement that exist, via the Church and the banking houses which own noble debt?


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