When I started the Mirarion, I was trying to write something similar to the war diaries that were left by Australian participants in the First World War. Generally, they did not see the great turning points of the War. They don’t describe things which they think are obvious to the people reading the diary. Generally their works are filled with little hints of side stories that don’t play out. The endings are almost always just a cessation, or a collapse into “then I came home and bought a farm.” Some, like AB Facey’s “A fortunate life” has a bit more depth, but for the writers, the story isn’t about them.

Having done that, now. I think I’m going to rework it so that it is more novel-like.  That may take some time. I’ll do it on the back blocks of this blog, and if I’m ever happy with it, I’ll post a link.

Thanks for the positive comments during this process.

The blog will be a little quiet in the next few weeks, because my wife and I are expecting a baby. If I find time, I’m going to slap the paddles onto the chest of Vaults of the Order and get that working again.


5 replies on “Mirarion: where to from here?

  1. I think that’s a great idea Timothy, although I think the diary format worked well.
    Best wishes to you and Linda, once I get time I’ll try and workup another VotO piece.


  2. Thanks again for this and I will certainly be in the queue to read any future version. And all the best for the upcoming life-changing event.


  3. I agree with Jarkman: Mirarion was great in that format, it conveyed very much the “war” feeling. I trust you to do something even better with it, though. Whether you can or not, I thank you for this great read.

    That being said, best wishes to your family, and hapiness to you all


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