Last time, I mentioned I was kicking off the November Ars Magica community projects early. Well, the site is up, although the material is not yet in place. If you’re a fan of the game, please consider contributing to The Vaults of the Order. The hope is for 50 submissions, and things you have used before are really welcome provided you haven’t sold them (which is why I’m writing fresh: I’ve flogged most of my items and creatures to Atlas Games.)

My biggest bit yet is that eagle-headed god. It turns out he’s a nephilim, Dagon, the defender of the royal line of Persia, and the catering manager of Hell, depending no which myth you like.

We are planning this over on the Forum, but the basics are that each write-up is based on an OSC scheme image from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We are creating an imaginary museum for the Order.  If you’d prefer to use a creature, then just find something you can tie into its story. The weapon it was defeated with, or a book in which it can be said to have been mentioned. It’s a very open project, and you don’t need to read all of the previous submissions.


2 replies on “The Vaults of the Order

  1. I wanted to do something, but I don’t think I’ll be able to. Even if I didn’t promise anything, I feel regret, since it is such a great project. Good luck to everyone involved!


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