I’ve added a few extra vlog posts to my YouTube channel. They are not fantastic, but I’m still learning how the equipment works.

I apologize if you get two Google+ or Facebook notifications about this post (one from WordPress and one from Youtube. I’m going to have that sorted for the next video.

The first is about how I came up with the structure for the Boons and Hooks section of Covenants.

The second is a long and shaky introduction to some of the books on the shelves you can see behind me in the other videos. It’s not great but I learned a lot making it (like how to make titles, cut in background music, and why to use a tripod) I’d say it’s the least impressive in terms of content, and so if you aren’t a bibliophile you are not missing much.

The third video is the inevitable magus/companion/grog/covenant video. I use it to kick off the propaganda series, which is intended for convincing outsiders to give Ars Magica a try.


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