I’m doing some practice vloging, with an Ars Magica sort of theme.

My current plan is to load one of these a week, on Friday, Australian time.

The current plan is

  • Introduction (which is up)
  • Cookbook (which is about the writing process for Covenants, and is recorded)

and then some material suggested by commenters.

The first set, which I’m calling “Propaganda” in my notes are the “Why you should play Ars Magica” videos. My goal with them is to do something different than the sort of setting detail which has been unpacked by other people. I’m not going to list the Houses in these. The goal is to hook people enough that they want to try a game.

  • Propaganda: Castles, wherein I will be comparing Ceoris to Stars Hollow.
  • Propaganda: Enemies, wherein I will be explaining Lex Luthor in Ars Magic terms.
  • Propaganda: Companions: Let’s try to build a social companion not based on Venus’s Blessing and Presence!
  • Propaganda: Failure and Death, wherein I will be comparing American literature unfavourably with British literature, then apologising profusely.

After those, lacking any new comments that spark inspiration, I’m going to discuss the history of House Jerbiton, and the history of House Tremere.  I’m thinking of labelling them “Why you should play a…” so that I can fool around with the playlist features on Youtube.

Oh: update!  I forgot I could embed video:


4 replies on “A note on the new vlog

  1. OK this looks really interesting… although I can’t quite work out how to comment on the actual You Tube stream as I don’t use a Google account. Looking forward to comments form Covenants and also explanation of the whole “covenants as TV shows” concept from Against the Dark.


  2. I am genuinely interested in how you can compare Ceoris (dark, forboding home of Tremere politics) to Stars Hollow. For a start, virtually every Gifted Tremere makes Kirk look normal.


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