IMG_6924Two months after I planned to finish the project, I’m drawing a line under what’s been done. It’s over 10 000 words of starter information for new troupes,  including setting, statistics, mystery initiations and plot hooks. The piece is coherent, although it could be expanded in several ways, and underdevelops the Welsh material.

I’m glad its finished for this year – I’m ready to move onto other writing.



3 replies on “Final update for the vanilla covenant page

    1. Hello br1ck, I’d like to know which Timothy’s NPC magus you’ve wrote up so as to tell someone (ironboundtome) on Atlas Games Forum which magi are remaining to be write up.

      1 • Fidelius of Bonisagus — 2 • Asteria of Verditius — 3 • Antigone of Criamon?

      Thank you for your answer.


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