So, Another thousand words on the vanilla covenant page.

The additions for today are another map of Bristol, some myths about the islands, and the story of the nymph of the River Severn. I also set up the next update, which is a Mystery path based on the Cult of Nodens.

My free time is really constrained right now, so I’m thinking this work needs to move toward conclusion. The easiest way of closing it out, I believe is to

  • finish the Cult of Nodens.
  • describe Southern Wales.
  • set up plot hooks from the material.

You can see here I was angling toward writing The Patient Art, which is the Aquam  supplement I’ve been musing on for a year or so. I still want to do it, but I think I should get the vanilla covenant finished first. The Patient Art is too big an idea to fit in with this project, as it would dwarf the other sections.


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