In the first session I played Lady Blackbird. We did some character generation, and my take was this:


Rodriguez the Space Ninja

Silence (Movement, Attacks, About Motives)

Destroying Things (Precision, In Person, Retrotech)

Gadgets (Improvised, Retrotech, Stolen)


Impatience with frivolity

Desire to perform a single, decisive action which resolves situations.


One Perfect Movement

Strangely Relevant Ancient Wisdom


We played a pirates in space game, which transformed into a heist game after the opening credits, which rolled as my ninja leapt from the hull of the exploding Navy cutter he’d just sabotaged, to float serenely through space before colliding with our ship’s view screen.

My ninja had a heap of fun, mostly by suggesting truly horrible things which would resolve the situation at a single blow, only to be told be the captain that this was now “Plan B”. He was a little taciturn, but he did get to say “Let’s steal enough explosives to blow up Disneyland.” which shows how far the game devolved when we needed to rescue our favourite Dive Bar (Handsome Jack Dive – Proprietor) from the Megacorp. In Hindsight I think Rodriguez and Strax are brothers in philosophy.

Thanks to the other players and GM. It was a great introduction to a light and fast system.

In session 2 I ran a Victorian Era Steampunk Ars Magica reskin, which I’ll be publishing here later in the month. As a teaser, though, there was a +3 bonus for doing anything in a stereotypically English way, which led to the magus with Curse of Circe bawling out the French swine who opposed him, and the group using the horn that provides any drink in any quantity to cross a crevasse in a Welsh coal mine on a lake of tea.





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