A quick note to mention my latest Librivox recording: Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic is useful for Ars Magica players whose stories are set along the great Ocean, and is interesting for folkloristis generally. My part’s about Antilia, which I’ve been trying to shoehorn into Ars for a decade or so. Sadly the myth, although it gives pre-1220 dates, can only be tracked back to about the 14th Century, so it’s out of bounds.


3 replies on “Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic

  1. Thanks Timothy. I enjoyed this – I can see why you’d like to incorporate this into Ars Magica. Even though the source is later, surely it could be considered extant with some poetic licence as it’s set in the correct period.


    1. Ars has relatively strict guidelines for what material fits. It’s more a matter of sanding the VIN numbers off. So, in Antagonists I have Japanese demons, but since I’m carefully not mentioning they are Japanese, that’s OK.


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