A race of faeries who didn’t make it into the book. I hope you enjoy them. A model maker on DeviantArt has a great little sculpture of one of these: not nearly as animalistic as I imagined, but I want to note it for you.

The Rat Thieves

Fir Darrings are little, ugly faeries whose forms are a mixture of man and rat. They live in subterranean nests. They wish to keep the child because they are unable to enter the Dominion. They want a human collaborator, able to retrieve for them the food and manufactures of human civilization.

Faerie Might: 5 (Imaginem)

Characteristics: Int 0, Per 0, Pre -3, Com 0, Str –12, Sta +1, Dex +3, Qik +3

Size: –6

Virtues and Flaws: Focus Power (Pishogue), Cognizant Within Role, Faerie Sight, Personal Power (Invisibility), 2 x Little, Monstrous Appearance Sovereign Ward (Dominion).

Personality Traits: Sneaky +3


Thrown Stone: Init+3, Attack +7, Defense +6, Damage –10.*

Soak: +1

Wound Penalties: –5 (1), Incapacitated (2), Dead (3+)

Pretenses: Athletics 2 (digging), Awareness 2 (strange smells), Charm 2 (children), Folk Ken 5 (edibles), Forest Lore 3 (lost items), Profession : Scrounger 6 (raw materials for making things), Speak 5 (Local language), Thrown Weapon 3 (stone).


Focus Power (Pishogue): up to 3 points. May create effects up to level 15 (2 intricacy points reduce cost when used.). Pishogue is the art of making things appear to be their opposites. For example, making young people look old, whole things appear broken, rotten food appear fresh, and valuable things appear worthless.

Invisibility: 0 points, Init +1, Imaginem (2 intricacy points reduce Might cost)

R: Per, D: Sun, T: Ind

(Costs 15 spell levels. (Base 4 +2 Sun +1 for moving image))

Equipment: Tiny capes and tools made of cobbled together dertitus..

Vis: 1 pawn, Imaginem, rat skull

Appearance Little rat men, about a foot tall, with poor personal hygiene and a tendency to fight in packs.


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