97BQ000Z For the next three weeks, I’ll be posting one new creature a week. These were left out of Antagonists because I’d already made things complex enough, and the process of editing is basically one of simplification and clarification. So, two demons and a tribe of faeries were left over. I can see how two of the three could be reworked for later use in articles or books, which is what I used to do with my off-cuts, but I’m time-short at the moment, and so I think I’ll let these go on the web, and hope for novel ideas when I next need something with these shapes for the plots I’m working on.

Actually, the first demon also fails on a line-style and good taste level, so he’d never make it into an Ars book. Sometimes the ideas just aren’t winners. The character is based on a villain in Spenser’s The Faerie Queene.


Orgoglio, is a demon so swollen with Pride that his name means “Pride” in Italian. His usual strategy is to take possession of convincing orators and use their pride to lead people into sin. Abaissier has taken these people as his cult leaders, and Orgoglio resents this sudden lack of victims. His physical form is large and powerful, and he vents his frustration by attacking those he might otherwise possess. He may do this in his material form, or by possessing scholars disputing with flagellant leaders.

A robust demon of godless Pride.

Order: Vessel of Iniquity

Infernal Might: 15 {Corpus)

Characteristics: Int 0, Per 0, Pre +3, Com 0, Str +2, Sta +4, Dex +0, Qik +0

Size: +2

Virtues and Flaws: Berserk, Tough

Confidence Score: 1 (3)

Personality Traits: Depraved +6, Hateful +6, Angry +4

Reputations: Embodies Pride 1 (Infernal), Vessel of Iniquity 1 (Infernal)


Mace : Init +1, Attack +3*, Defense +0, Damage +10**

* +2 when berserk

** +5 if he has time to recover his magical mace.

Soak: +7 or +9 when berserk

Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1,  –3, –5, Unconscious [Give the penalties for every fatigue level the character has. There may be more to add in.]

Wound Penalties: –1 (1–7), –3 (8–14), –5 (15–21), Incapacitated (22–28), Dead (29+) [

Abilities: Awareness 4 (rivals), Guile 6 (dance), Single Weapon 7 (feet), Theology 6 (heresy).


Envisioning, 1 or 5 points, Init  0, Mentem: For 1 point, allows the demon to enter and twist dreams. For 5 points, allows the demon to create a waking hallucination. If used to terrify, the victim can ignore it with a Brave Personality trait roll against an Ease factor of 9 or more. Failure to resist leads to a profound physical reaction, like a seizure.

Form of Wickedness, 2 points, Init 0, Mentem: Allows the demon to manufacture a solid form of pure sin. It forces those around the demon to begin carousing if they lack sufficient Magic Resistance. A Stamina stress roll against an Ease factor of 6 is needed every hour, failure costing a Fatigue level, and a success breaking this Power’s hold. The Power also ends when the victim falls unconscious. A botch causes temporary insanity and imposes a Minor Personality Flaw appropriate to the sin. This form may only be maintained for one round, after which the demon must take spiritual or human form.

Form of The Proud Man, 0 points, Init 0, Corpus: After assuming corporeal form, see Form of Wickedness, earlier, the demon can take solid form. See Appearance for details.

Possession, variable points, Init +2, Mentem: The demon stores some of its Might in a temporary pool in a victim, after overcoming Magic Resistance. When this pool is spent, the possession ends. The two pieces of the demon can only communicate if in sight of each other. The demon controls the actions of the host, but must spend Might to have the victim perform taks they consider abhorrent. This requires the demon to make a roll of stress die + spent Might points against the victim’s Personality trait roll.. It also costs 1 might to use a Supernatural ability, or the same number of Might points a possessed supernatural creature spends to use one of its powers. Orgoglio.may possess multiple people simultaneously.

Contagious Obsession, 1point per victim, Init 0, Mentem:  When a person is committing a sinful thought or deed, the demon may impose its Obsession Trait if this Power defeats magic resistance. This gives the person a temporary Personality trait of Proud and at the next opportunity he must make a roll, opposed by any suitable Personality trait, to prevent attempting to crush others with his words. If the Obsession fails, the temporary trait is lost. If it succeeds, the trait is acquired permanently. Any human who becomes a victim of this demon’s Obsession power becomes a carrier of that Power and can pass it on to anyone he abuses, using the same series of rolls.  Every added victim costs the demon 1 Might point, and the Power ceases to be contagious if either she runs out of Might or a day passes without someone being infected. Once the power ceases being contagious, it continues to affect the afflicted as described earlier.

Weakness: Protected group (celibates)

Vis: 3 pawns of Perdo, body

Appearance: The natural appearance of this demon is sin made manifest as a formless dark shape. He can, however, take a solid form. Orgoglio appears as a vaguely humanoid, ten foot tall, ambulatory phallus. He has small arms and legs and, if given time to retrieve it, fights using a mace made from an oak that grew in the centre of the Earth.


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