Description: Topography of Sicily, created wit...
Description: Topography of Sicily, created with GMT 4.1.3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been working on some Sicilian material. based on a biography by an author named van Cleve.  My notes are on a separate page.

I’ve been transcribing these notes for a month or so, but I’ve been stuck on the last chapter for ages.  My plan, rather than continuing to plod through the pages and then release them all at once is to make these partial notes public, and then to work up sections as plot hooks.  When I have more time, I’ll finish moving the notations for the final chapter.

After these notes are digested and the rest are added, I’ll then move to the next book. This set of notes desperately needs some geographical anchor, so I’ll likely grab Lonely Planet Sicily and shake it down.

(A quick look at the notes gives me my first interesting plot point: in Sicilian campaigns Brawl is way more important than anywhere else.)


2 replies on “First set of Sicily notes

  1. Hi Timothy. I have extensive notes on Medieval Sicily from my game — some of them actually appear in the background material of The Augustan Brotherhood in Rival Magics. I will see if I can get them in to some kind of shape for you if interested…

    cj x


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