IMG_6455So, the blog has been a little quiet (I’ve been off doing Coursera) but there’s some material upcoming:

My Sicily notes.  These really are notes: they are some of the raw material out of which I’ll later build story hooks and paragraphs of text. I need more, particularly geography, but we’ll see how far this book takes us first.

Extracts from Arthur Machen: The White People was one of the inspirations for Lovecraft, and five extracts in particular are useful for Ars Magica. Actually, there’s a sixth based around being spirited away by a woman in the shape of a stag, but it’s so similar to what we’ve done in the books I’ll be skipping it. So – one post from Machen a week, starting the first week of May.


2 replies on “A quick note

    1. Oh…heh.

      It’s sideways.

      It’s the piles of tiles used to support the false floor of a room with a Roman underfloor heating system (a hypocaust). Linda took the photo in Bath, in the United Kingdom.

      Or do you mean the cat head? My featured image and posted image don’t match due to me clicking the wrong buttons. 8) I’ll change them to match now…


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