I started the reading for my Mythic Sicily project tonight and I find I’ve a bigger task than I imagined.

I thought I’d just be covering the court of Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor and Marvel of the World. There are many reasons for being interested in it, from a roleplaying game perspective. It turns out, I’m wrong, there’s a lot more that needs doing.

John Julius Norwich has written a wonderful history of the Norman Kingdom of Sicily, which ended in 1198. It would give the deep history to older covenants in the area, and offer the sort of self contained saga arc that we see in many little doomed kingdoms, like Christian Georgia, or Arthurian Britain.  Eight hundred pages of all highly reworkable material, but material which stops well before what Ars Magica’s standard start date requires.

So, to make things worse for myself, the plan is now this:

Do a 1220 version of the setting.

Research the earlier time period and use it to enrich the 1220 version.

See if the interest and materials hold out and then try and create a grand campaign arc for the period between the fall of the Emirate of Sicily (yes, there was an Emirate of Sicily…I didn’t know that.)  and the point where Frederick II really hits his straps, which is slightly after 1220.


4 replies on “Mythic Sicily, a night for setting parameters

  1. I have a number of sources I used for the Augustan Brotherhood background in Rival Magic. If any sound aspects I mention there useful ask I probably have extensive notes! One book was invaluable I’ll look it up.x



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