Description: Topography of Sicily, created wit...
Description: Topography of Sicily, created with GMT 4.1.3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I work for the only public library service in this country that doesn’t charge you for interlibrary loans*.  This means I can have rather more interlibrary loans than most other people, but it does mean that I get myself into situations like the one I’m currently in.

I’m going to be doing a Mythic Sicily web project. An interlibrary loan has just come in. I’ll have it for 2 week, maybe 4 in the original lender is generous.  It’s about 600 pages long. So, in the next fourteen days I need to go through it and take copious notes, so that I have the skeletal frame of Ars Magica related material from the book. I need to get it done quickly, because I have another Sicily book coming in after that. My plan is to post my notes to a page buried in the depths of this site, so that people can see the stages of the work.

So, time to put aside the novel I’m reading (Cordelia’s Honor) and the books I’m listening to (there are three of them) and the computer game I’ve just loaded (L A Noire). It’s time to sprint toward Sicily.

* who I do not represent on this blog.


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