One of the other authors, who goes by Jarkman on the web, has started his own blog. It’s still being set up, but if you find what’s going on here interesting, you’ll probably like My Life As a Grog.


3 replies on “A new Ars blog

    1. No worries: the Ars blogsphere needs a bit more interactivity, and you do some really interesting stuff. Of course, I’m cheating because I’ve seen some of you “Can’t talk about this yet!” stuff… 8)

      I wanted to change the way comments were turning up in the old blog, and I’m probably doing a seminar on free blog pages for writers at work, so I’ve been fiddling with it to make it cleaner and more modern. I’m not 100% with it, though.

      The theme I really wanted is called The Hum, but it doesn’t work right when I install it. I may have to finally give WordPress its due and say “Sure, I’ve been mooching off you for years, here’s my money for a decent theme.” 8)


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