Hi all,

Rather than stretch out the Marco stories, I’m going to move the last three stories up to today, tomorrow and the next day.  The idea of Nagademon and NanoWriMo is to force yourself to work to deadline, and stretching things out to get the 30 stories I originally envisaged is kind of cheating, so I’ll wrap things up.

In terms of my writing. I’ve been a bit slow recently because I had a lead on a really fantastic job, and it fell through. I also overcommied this year and had six books running at once at one point, so I’m looking to wrap the writing on this, and on the last paid book which I still have in drafting, then take a few weeks break.

Then it’s likely back with “The Art of Magic”, which asks the question: what if modern magic wasn’t discovered by Bonisagus?  What if it was discovered by Sir Issac Newton? What if instead of covenants, learned societies meet in coffee houses and discuss the newest discoveries in the Natural Sciences, because they replace Magic Theory? It’s a project I’ve wanted to play with for a while now, but the research for it is going to take a good six months (heh, more if I manage to find a job which is both as fantastic as the one I just missed and yet pays as much as the one I have now.  8)  )

So, the Marco stories wrap over the next three days.  I originally planned for them to have a longer and more convoluted arc, but the basic narrative is still there.  I hope you like them.


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