Marco the unreliable redcap was first introduced to Ars Magica in Covenants, where his role was to let us explore ideas without making them canonical in the setting. While setting up for National Gaming  Design Month this year, I was asked to provide some more game fiction, so I’ve bought Marco back, with a series of short stories about his adventures, told to his grand-daughter.

Due to illness, I started this project late, so I’ll let it run past the end of the month. NaGaDeMon entries are meant to be game supplements, so I may stat up some of the things discussed.  Or not, in many cases.  Please feel free to comment and discuss as we go along.


One thought on “The Stories of Marco the Liar

  1. I found Marco’s tales in Covenants very entertaining. And I’m enjoying these ones as well – although frankly, the sophistication level is so high that they don’t feel like good old Marco’s fibs. They’re fun nonetheless. Thanks for writing them for us !



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