This is the cover for Antagonists, which is scheduled for early 2013. A group of us have another book coming out before then, but I wanted to share this. I like it, although the technique is very different to the woodcut style of many other Ars covers.

Just a quick note about the upcoming books. I can’t discuss the contents, but I can discuss part of the writing process. When I write, I usually listen to music, and it either has to have no lyrics at all, or they need to be ones I know so well they are not distracting.

For the last couple of books I have found that putting a track repeatedly into my playlist which ties in to the emotion I’m trying to get across helps me anchor the work so that what I’m writing flows toward a particular focus.

For “Against the Dark” it was “The Call” by Regina Spektor.
For “Antagonists” it was “Final Boss” by MC Frontalot.



3 replies on “A new cover, and a note about the theme songs for my parts of some upcoming books

  1. Interesting! I do the same thing, but create a playlist for myself and then loop it. And I love “The Call;” I bought the album on iTunes just to get that song. šŸ™‚


  2. It’s not just me then who finds lyrics distracting. The other option for me is lyrics in a language that I don’t understand. I like the cover btw.


  3. Very excited about the “Antagonists” book. I hope there is some theory in it about how to approach coming up with Antagonists.
    I also tend to find a piece of music that fits the mood for a specific piece of writing, and play it endlessly, especially when I know I NEED to write, but am not in the mood. I find it wedges me into the right frame of mind more often than not.
    Recently I wrote a long story arc involving a Vitkir antagonist going after the covenant’s Forest Spirit. I found the hard rock Opeth record “Heritage” to have the right feel of loneliness, desperation, cold calculation, and menace that this antagonist possesses. (It does have lyrics, but they didn’t get in the way, because there is a lot of instrument.) I guess it helps that the band is swedish….


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