No updates for three months, but don’t worry, the blog’s not dead.

Basically I’ve been commissioned to write four book contributions, split between two publishers. That’s at the upper edge of what I can manage, with my current writing time. I have been tackling it and two are in the bag, and one is within sight of being finished.  The fourth one is half done, because I started writing it first (odd story there…I’ll tell it to you in about three years, when the book comes out of NDA.)

The thing is, because I’ve not been reading recreationally much, to put more time into my writing, I’ve not had anything novel to say here.

I did contribute to the new Ars Magica book, Grogs, and so I’ll put a page up for it when I finish the maps for one book, the first draft for another, and recording Malvolio for Librivox.  Which is to say, next weekend, probably.


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