Brothers and Sisters of the Path of the Dawn, the day and hour are come, as predicted by Clement. Our decades of preparation are complete!

Using the watch chain I have kept my thoughts hidden from our sodales. Using the pen I write to you. Using the hidden box I have moved the body of our sister to the secret place, in which the Pieta of Eos has been hidden.

As was predicted, our sister has completed the Path of Dawn, becoming a Great Muse. She waits only for our aid to be released, and to open communication between the higher spirits.

She lies trapped within her mortal form, necessary to bring her to us, but she can be released simply, with the aura of the music box, and the properties of the bayonet, into the cradle of the pieta.

I have communicated with her, using the mask. Her coming to us was an accident, and yet foretold. In the distant age where she was raised, there is an Order that tells stories of our actions. There are many who have completed the Path, led by a Veiled Sorceress who she felt slighted by. The Veiled One would never communicate with her, as it did the other apprentices.

She remembers us: not as we are now, but as beings of artifice and light and knowledge. She named each of us to me, and recalled her childhood memories of us as we will be, vast and knowing and yet kind.

Hurry my sisters and brothers, a new world awaits, and a new Dawn.



6 replies on “Thirty Objects of Desire : Epilogue

      1. Yes, its the bowl which did nothing apparently, and went missing, unfortunately.

        It’s a sacramental object for personal sacrifice; the user becomes the dead child of Eos, and is lifted from mortality into spirit-hood, if they are spiritually ready (that is, if they are at the end of the Path of Eos.)


        1. I’m interested in what you say and would like to subscribe to your newsletter. 😉

          (So when does the Path of Eos come to SR?^M^M^M anywhere in more detail? 😉 )


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