The Twenty-Ninth Object is a metal sculpture, made up of hexagonal cells. It is just over three feet tall, and just over two feet wide. It contains 45 cells. When placed in the Eos Lands, the Object’s cells fill with clear crystals over the course of a year. Each of these hexagonal prisms contains one pawn of vis, for a total of three pawns per Art per year. The crystals of the Arts are colour coded, and these precise shades, it has been discovered, can be used much like Verditius Runes. The area affected by the Eos Aura shrinks markedly while harevested in this way.

After five years of operation and study, the plinth on which the Object once stood (then called 29B) broke apart, at the instigation of a tiny clockwork device. It contained, within it, a series of glass vials. These, in turn, contained plagues which were, in so far as can be seen, only effective in the Eos Lands. Most of the magi researching this device were infected, but could neither detect, nor cure, their illnesses with Hermetic magic. Waves of plague washed through the Eos lands, mitigated where possible with the other Objects. Most of the Academicians were infected, and the skills of the Order could not help them: indeed most attempts to treat the magi filled them with succursus, killing them or crippling their Gifts.

After the Plague had burned out, the Objects were recovered for the Order by tangible ghosts in service to House Tremere. The Parliament demanded answers, and such Academicians as survived gathered as far from the site of the disaster as was practicable to discuss its nature. The consensus is that the Twenty-Ninth Object was a weapon designed to destroy the Academy. The Object’s power is so seductive to the greed of magi, and the warning on the Twenty-Eighth Object so clear, that the Academicians began developing methods to defeat Muses, particularly with cerulean weapons. The Path of the Dawn, which had been a separate, if allied, organisation, now officially sponsored the Academy, and assisted its recovery. The New Academy, at Greewich, now houses most of the Objects.

Despite this Object’s obvious usefulness, further research into its functions has been declared anathema by the Parliament, and it has been sealed in a non-magical cavern complex under Rome.


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