This is Object takes the form of a gold chain fourteen inches in length. It has a ring at one end of the chain, just over two-thirds of an inch in diameter. The ring contains a clever little catch loaded on a tiny spring, which holds it closed except when a small knob is pushed. The other end of the chain has a small ring, rather like a link of split-ring chain mail. Partway along the chain a smaller chain leads off for a few links, terminating in a piece of amber, into which an intaglio of an ibis is inscribed.

This Object appears to have been active since 1245. It was originally in the possession of a mortal duchess, from the Eos lands of Northern Italy, who became a sort of informal ambassador to the Order. The Object’s power doubtless assisted her in her duties. It nullifies magic that affects the mind, but in an unusual way. The person who wears the Object can feel the mental probing, and can choose to give whatever answer he or she wishes to the interrogation.

The Object’s ability to allow magi to circumvent Hermetic law, by reducing the effectiveness of spells such as Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie, has made many magi nervous concerning research into its properties. The Parliamentary Ruling concerning this Object restricts research upon it to Quaesitores in good standing, who agree to allow their research to be vetted before it is widely publicised. The Object cannot be left unattended, but must be with a Quaesitor at all times. Such Quaestiors must be willing to have a Watching Ward placed upon them, which sounds an alarm if their heartbeat stops.

At this time I wish to thank House Guernicus for inviting me to become a Quaesitor, which allows a dignified response to the Parliament’s worries concerning research into this Object. Some concern was expressed over their choice, many years ago, but I believe that my usefulness to this Inquiry demonstrates the soundness of their deliberations.


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