The Twenty Fourth Object is insofar as we can tell, a large shipping crate made of cerulea wood, bound with iron. The bands have small rings on them, which are presumably used to attach ropes when lifting or securing the Object. The Object was discovered by Clement of Criamon. His records are such that either he was delirious when they were written, or it was offered to him during a journey to deepest Africa by a talking camelopard, in exchange for a tisane made of daisies. The Object’s unusual power, such as it is, is invisibility, so it is generally kept dusted with a light powder of ashes, or, more recently, chalk.

The Twenty Fourth Object has managed to avoid the many tribulations suffered by the other Objects simply because its power, such as it is, in easily duplicated with Hermetic magic. True, anything placed inside the Object cannot be detected Hermetically, and thus the famous story of Tricoholous, Primus of Merinita. It is true he hid from his lover’s husband for a month inside the Object, fed with soup through a straw. Such picaresque stories, however, do not disguise the fact that, really, the box offers little that Hermetic magic cannot provide.


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