The Twenty Second Object is a shallow bowl, eight inches wide, and just over two inches high. It is made from ceramic, but covered in a white glaze. Scratches into this glaze do not seem to affect the Objects resistance to Hermetic magic.

The Object first came to the Order’s attention after a member of House Tytalus attempted to poison a nobleman, and found it was impossible. His further investigations deduced the protection came from the Object, with which the nobleman washed his hands before and after eating with his fingers. The Object’s power is that anything placed within it, or having a part placed within it, as in the case of its first documented owner, has all its unusual properties taken away. This includes the catastrophic imbalances of the humors caused by poison, but the bowl also breaks curses, and dispels the mystical effects of the sacraments. It can be used to deconsecrate relics, nullify sordid vis, and disenchant magical items.

The Tytalus magus substituted a visually identical bowl for the Object, and used it for many years to destroy the material forms of demons by placing it on their heads. This is the source of legends concerning the Crown of Georgius, which was effectively as a protective pad placed about the bowl, disguised as headgear. Following this it was lost for a time, then used by a Church to cure pilgrims of sickness. A magus of House Jerbiton, made suspicious by the perfect regularity of these miracles, rediscovered the Object, and used a similar ruse to remove it.


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