The Seventeenth Object has the form of a granite ball, exactly nine inches across, with a single word chiseled about the surface. It was discovered in the hands of a priest in Normandy, who claimed it had been given to the keepers of his Church by an angel in 1237. The angel, which did not give its name, commanded that the ball be given to a redcap at a particular inn on a certain day. This priest, Giles de Corbier, is now the Patron of the Servants of the Ibis, sharing this distinction with Saint George in his Egyptian form.

The redcap’s son sold the ball to my master, Burdainus of Criamon, who was fascinated by its sublime magical properties. The word on the Object is “Philiponus”, the name of a heretic from the time of the Romans, whose works are still circulated in Arabic lands. The Object’s power, such as it is, is simply this: when it moves, its motion is not caused by pressure exerted by the air which follows it. When the Object is pushed, the Object gains a contagious property from the hand of him who pushes, and then continues to travel until this contagious property is overcome by counter-pressure from the air, or water, or soil.

This contagious property, like but not the Art of Rego, fascinated my master. He used the Eleventh Object to find areas in the Eos Lands where this property is held by every object. These sites, which for lack of better name are called Eos Regiones, are of particular importance to the Followers of the Path of the Dawn, are the places where Strange Magicians are most likely to be born, and are where their powers are strongest. My master was able to meet with, and examine the arts of, these new hedge magicians, although much of the credit for his breakthroughs is due to earlier researchers, like Clement, who made his discoveries possible.


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