The Fifteenth Object appears to be a wooden sphere, but this is deceptive. Careful pressure allows a small segment of the sphere to fall away, and then another, and so on, until the entire Object is disassembled. The sphere is constructed of three hundred and sixty-five pieces. Other Criamon magi have noted that the signs on the pieces make the process of disassembly easier, but do not aid the reconstruction of the Sphere.

It took several researchers many years to open the Object. They had hoped it contained a small treasure at its core, but the locket within, although a Hermetic device, is disappointingly indecipherable. That is, no researcher has managed to discover its method of activation. Similarly, no method of opening the locket has proven successful, although, as a Hermetic device, it can be investigated magically.

The locket (you will pardon me if I do not refer to it reverentially as The Locket, or more heterodoxically as the Unnumbered Object)  is almost certainly a talisman. Experiments concerning it show it has at least sixty pawns of vis invested in it, and there is no other method whereby such a powerful device can be constructed. It appears to be a simple gold teardrop, three inches long by an inch at its widest, on a chain of similar metal, but its tremendous investment of vis have led some to suggest that inside the locket is substantial gemstone.

The pieces of the sphere were, initially, considered an interesting triviality. A recent researcher, whom modesty forbids me from naming, has demonstrated that, in a certain configuration, the runes form the Sigil of Herbam. A magus touching this sign can cast spells normally on Herbam objects in the Eos Lands. It saddens me that this researcher, who remains unnamed, has been forced to cede the Object to Academicians from House Bonisagus for further study, under Parliamentary decree. As a further note, while configured to the Sigil of Herbam, the researcher was able to affect items made of ceruelea, although not any of the Objects.

There are legends about the sphere, which suggest that it manifested as divided pieces, and that each piece was englamoured by a potent faerie, seeking to keep their influence away from the mundanes. There is no firm evidence for this, but the records from the late Thirteenth Century are far from complete. Many were destroyed in the turmoil  created by the manifestation of the Twenty-Ninth Object.


One thought on “The Fifteenth Object

  1. Congratulations! Not only is this wildly entertaining as a whole, but you’ve hit your half-way mark.

    Your narrator is developing some personality.


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