The Fourteenth Object is a small brass box, six inches long, four wide, and two deep. It has a lock on its front surface, but fortunately is not locked. It may be opened by lifting an ornamental latch which covers the keyhole. As the lid is lifted, a cunning mechanical device is activated, and music is played by small pins which strike against a rotating wheel. The wheel gains its propulsion by an operator taking the key for the box, which was found inside, and turning it in a keyhole hidden by a false panel on the box’s underside. While the tune plays, a sphere of Eos twelve yards wide is created around the Object. To make Eos of a predictable size and shape allowed original research into the Natural Magics that can shape and control Eos.

The Object had been rumoured to exist for many years: a music box that prevented Hermetic scrying. It was used by the leaders of Butterfly group to mask their plans. As the War of the Trees spilled southwards, unknown Hermetic supporters provided this Object, and enormous amounts of succursus created with it, to the leaders of the Worshipful Company of the Butterfly. The release of this succursus into the air about Milan, then Genoa, then Trento, created the kernel of the Eos Lands we know today. The Object was recovered by a team of Tremere psiloes, sent to execute the leaders of the plot.

The psiloses were able to prevent the release of succursus in other cities. Variations in the records make the target unclear: they indicate Bologna, Pisa, Florence, or Ravenna, or combinations thereof, varying by document. The servants of House Tremere did not publicly identify which House or Covenant had aided the Worshipful Company. It has now become traditional to blame House Jerbiton, which declines to accept responsibility.

The tune was unknown at the time of the Object’s recovery, but variants of it are now popular, particularly with the Followers of the Path of the Dawn in House Criamon. It is said that if one trains for many years, one can perfectly replicate the song. This has very painful effects on faeries. It was, initially, believed that faeries hearing this tune were destroyed or banished, like the spirits, demons and angels in the Eos Lands at the moment of their creation. The strange creatures drawn to the Twentieth Object, however, make this deduction appear less sound.


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